Download NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile

ACCESS has recently announced the launch of NetFront Browser V4.0, the latest version of NetFront for Windows mobile devices. Some of the features of the NetFront Browser v4.0 are
  • Javascript Execution Performance is 20 times faster than the older version.
  • Better experience with Javascript websites
  • Supports more complex web applications
  • Fast Content Display Speeds
  • Improvement in Zooming speeds which makes viewing Web pages easier.
  • Fast Rendering Mode Changes.
  • Animated Zoom quickly and smoothly magnifies selected areas of a Web page.
  • Visual Bookmarks.
  • Tabbed Multi-Window support.
  • Virtual Pointer.
  • Offline Browsing and Page/Image Saving.
  • Intelligent Pop-Up Blocker.
Overall this version focus more on Speedy Javascript engine. Download NetFront Browser for Windows Mobile

Try the browser and hope you will like it.
The trail period expires on June 30,2010.
Memory Required: 7.4 Mb

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