Download Viigo, one app that does everything for you

Viigo is one such app which does everything for you that 100's of other apps do. This app includes the following modules:-
  • News & RSS: One click access to news, insights, blogs and more helps you stay current with what's going on in your world anytime and anywhere.
  • Weather: Viigo's Weather module allows for the immediate viewing of the current temperature and forecasts for cities around the world.
  • Sports: With live event updates, schedules, results and more, you can follow your favorite team or player while on the go.
  • Business & Finance: Follow your own stock portfolio, calculate exchange rates, or even manage your online accounts.
  • Podcasts: Wirelessly browse, subscribe, download, and listen to your favorite audio podcasts, no matter wherever you are.
  • Local Interest: Viigo's Local Interest module allows you to select a city of interest, either your home town or a place you plan to travel to, and make restaurant reservations, get traffic information, or even search for a job and much more
  • Shopping: Viigo's Shopping module makes it easy for you to make purchases direct from your mobile.
  • Social Networks: Stay connected to social networks including Twitter, FriendFeed and identica while you are away from your computer. All the functionality, such as posting to your microblog, following or unfollowing, retweeting, replying, and so much more is supported.
  • Entertainment: Find out what movie is playing at the local theatre, read a book, or get the gossip on your favorite celebrities.
  • Flight & Travel: See what time a flight to your destination is scheduled to depart, track the flights you've booked to be sure it is leaving on time or manage your itinerary.
  • Politics: The Politics module provides poll results and commentary during election times while also delivering political oriented news on a daily basis.
  • Lots more are being updated frequently.
If you use Viigo once, you can come to know that this is the one app you will never want to be without.

Download Viigo app by going to in your mobile browser Or enter your phone number here to get the link of app on your phone.

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