Download WifiLocations app for windows mobile

WifiLocations v0.6 uses the cell tower location to activate or de-active your WIFI automatically. You don't need GPS for this! It also helps you to choose a particular program or kill it depending on your location home or office etc.
Some of the features of the WifiLocations are
  • Specify locations (based on GSM/UMTS Cell-ID) where WiFi will be activated automatically (and turned off when you leave)
  • Specify locations where Bluetooth will be activated automatically (and turned off when you leave) or the otherway around (for headset/carkit usage).
  • Specify locations where your ringer should be turned off or to vibrate (and back to previous state when you leave)
  • Run a user-specified program when in specified location (and the choice of killing it when you leave).
  • Name the Cell's so it's a little less confusing.
  • Autostart on reboot-option
Currently this app does not support CDMA phones.


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