How I use my Samsung Omnia i8910 HD?

I purchased Samsung Omnia i8910 HD 2 months ago and I am very much satisfied with it. This is one of the best phones currently available on the market. Though the software has little problems, the hardware is at its best.

I use this phone for many purposes. Check out the below list of apps, games I use on my phone.
  • As a PMP: I watch HQ movies on 3.7 inches large AMOLED screen. You can definitely feel that clarity on the mobile phone AMOLED screen is better than normal computer monitor. It beats iPhone(capacitive screen) and N97 (resistive screen) for watching videos and movies.
  • As a Pocket camera: 8MP with 4x zoom provides the ease of picturising best shots where ever you go. It provides advanced features than many of the normal digital cameras like smile shot, panamoric shot, Continuous shots. You can aslo choose Night mode, Candle light, indoor, Beach, Sunset, landscape, Portrait, Autumn colours, Fireworks etc depending on your requirement. Timer, Anti Shake, Blink Detection, Auto Flash, Auto focus, Facedetection etc are some of the great features on i8910. It definitely beats iPhone and N97 in Camera.
  • As a Camcorder: Its another feature where i8910 beats both iPhone and N97. Records HD 1280x720 videos.
  • As a PSP: I play variety of games including motion sensor games like Labyrinth, Asphalt, Resco Bubbles etc.
  • As a Bluetooth Mouse: I use SmartTouch application to turn my phone into a bluetooth mouse. I also use music keys on my phone to control the songs playing on my laptop.
  • As a web camera: When I don't have web camera on my desktop, I use my phone into a high-quality PC web camera. I use mobiola app for this purpose.
  • As a GPS Navigator: I use voice guided GPS navigation system with samsung LBS, whose license came free for 1 year.
  • As a music Player: The speakers and sound quality are amazing in this phone. 5.1 channel sound effects are really good when I use headphones.
  • As a Pocket Internet device: Able to get as much as 7.2Mbps High Speed Internet on this phone. Apart from the inbuilt browser, I use many other web browsers like Opera, Digia, Skyfire, Bolt, chrome and web based applications like Fring, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Accuweather, Google voice powered search, Tweets60 etc
  • As a Printer: With Print OTG, I can print images, messages, contacts and even schedules in calender via bluetooth or USB.
  • As a mini OS: Apart from Symbian and Java I also installed QT and Python which makes me to install in-numerous apps. QT will lead the mobile phone apps in the near future.
  • As a wireless router: With JoikuSpot you can convert i8910 into wireless router to connect a Pc, iPod, etc and also to share the connectivity 3G from omnia HD.
  • As a Mobile Web Server: I can even host my site on my mobile using Web Server app. I haven't registered any site yet but soon I am planning to try one.
  • As a Language Translator: When I visit to new country, I use my phone as a translator. I recently used SVT , Korea2go apps when I wasin Korea.
  • As a Remote access device: To access my laptop at home while I was on a go with remote desktop app, Shape Services RDM.
  • As a ebook Reader: Enjoy reading books on large 3.7"screen with Adobe reader or mobile office.
  • As a Health Monitoring device: With apps like Diet Manager, Step Counter, HeartRate, Sports Tracker etc.
Other Apps and Games I use on my phone are

Slide IT keyboard: A must have app for i8910 users. It provides the new way of typing on your mobile without lifting your finger up.
True Caller:Get the detailed information about caller whose number is not stored in the phonebook during a call.
Vopium: a VOIP Client
ThinkChange nUnlock:iPhone like unlock,just slide to unlock.
Total ReCall:Records the phone conversation completely until memory is full
PowerMP3:Yet another powerful mp3 player
TTPod:Fastest UI mp3 player
JoikuBoost: To increase mobile internet speed
Step Counter:Counts your steps, calculates the distance covered, calories lost etc.
QuickOffice:Mobile Office for your phone.
Mobile Paint, Phone Torch, Mirror, Nokia Photo browser, Touch Piano,Handy Taskamn, WeFi app, Angelometer(To measure angles), I parked Here(Car Parking app), Nimbuzz, Resco Photo Viewer etc

I had installed following games on my phone:
Assassin Creed, Ball Rush Aqua, Gomoku, Bowling, MotoGP, Night at the museum, Real Football, Spiderman HD game,Chess Classics(50 Mb app), Chessboard,Pocket Bagatelle, Lets Golf(80 Mb app), PacMan Championship, RolandGarros(Tennis), GTA IV, Proevolution Soccer, Blast Billiards, C2 DooM, Cricket T20 World Championship, Midnight pool, Scrabble, Cops la, Ferrari GT, World Series of Poker(Play with other players or with computer), ZingMagic Chess Pro II, Avatar game, Sherlock Holmes game, Prince of Persia etc

I hacked my phone with Helloox2 and hence almost all the symbian unsigned apps works in my phone. What apps are you using? Which apps make your Phone the best? Pls respond through comments section

-One of the Proud owners of Samsung Omnia i8190 HD.

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