Turn your iPhone into Blu-ray Remote Control

BD Touch turns your iPhone into a fully functional remote control for your Blu-ray player. Infact it is etter than a standard remote contro in some of the aspects like enabling text entry with the iPhone's qwerty keyboard for entering login information for BD Live features. Some of the features of this app are
  • Searchs the disc for mobile content and downloads it directly to your handset with Blu Explore.
  • With BD Touch you can transfer videos, songs, ringtones, wallpaper, images, and more.
  • Get movie information and trivia with BD Touch app.
BD Touch app for iphone.
The following Blu-Ray players supports this app:
  • SONY PS3, s350
  • LG BD300, BD390, BD370
  • OPPO BDP83
  • PANASONIC BD35, BD50, BD60
  • PHILIPS 5010
  • SAMSUNG P2550, P3600
Download BD Touch free from iTunes.

Samsung Monte s5620, Design at its Best

Samsung Monte(s5620) has almost all the features of a smart phone having Full connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth, HSPDA, Multi Instant Messenger, Bluetooth, GPS Geotagging,communities, 3.5 mm jack etc. The main beauty of the phone lies in its sleek, Attractive and Curved body design with Rhytmical surface.

The phone will be available in three colors: Black orange, Deep Black and Pearl White colors.

Check out the video to know more about Samsung Monte s5620.

Facebook 1.2 available for Windows Mobile Phones

Facebook client for Windows mobile phones now updated to 1.2 version. Some of the features of Facebook 1.2 are:
  • You can add Likes and comments to friend's feed items.
  • Call people directly from your friends list.
  • Check friend status messaages.
  • Reply to the messages.
  • Making wall posts.
  • Upload pictures and videos directly to your account.
  • Available in Multi-Language: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek etc.
Download Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile Phone from Market place on your mobile.
facebook windows mobile

HTC HD2: Download Metal Detector for Windows Mobile

XDA-Developers are turning mobile phone into a universal device with some amazing apps. A developer with username +6Fg8 at XDA-Developers came up with an interesting application which turns your windows mobile HTC HD2 into a Metal Detector. This app was developed using Compass API and Open GL.

"The built-in compass uses the earth's magnetic field to calculate the deviation from magnetic north. As with every compass, if you put a piece of metal nearby, it gets deviated. Thats how it detects the metal", says the developer.
metal detector for HTC HD2
Currently the app is in pre-alpha version, hence it may not be perfect but if you are interested in trying this beautiful app, you can download from HERE.

Vopium's VOIP, IM Services to N97, 5800 Xpress Musix

New Vopium app for Nokia Symbian 5th edition can now be used as a VoIP Client which allows you to make free calls to other Vopium users over Wi-Fi or 3G. At Vopium Blog, they say the new nokia client is comparable to its iPhone app
The new VoIP client for Nokia gives us much more control over the quality of the call and provides much better connectivity, comparable to the iPhone.
The app includes Instant Messaging, allowing users to make free calls to Skype, Gtalk and Vopium users when they are online.
You can also chat with friends on Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, and ICQ.
Vopium for Nokia phones
Nokia N97 and 5800 Xpress Music can download the latest version of Vopium app by visiting get.vopium.com from your phone browser. Check out the Phones list to know whether your phone is compatable for Vopium Wi-Fi support .


Nexus One: Download Google Earth mobile app

Google Nexus One is a power packed phone with 1 GHz processor, Advanced 3D graphics and Android 2.1 OS. The phone's capability is making it to run even the heavier apps like Google Earth. Google today announced the launch of Google Earth for mobile. Some of the features of Google Earth on mobile are:
  • Roads Layer:You can see road labels drawn on top of the satellite imagery.
  • Explore in 3D
  • Integrated voice recognition.
  • Google Local Search.
  • Browse photos, places, and local businesses.
  • Multi Touch for Pan & Zoom.
  • 800 x 480 resolution.
This app runs on all Android 2.1 Platform phones.
Google Earth for mobile phones
Download Google Earth by visiting m.google.com/earth on your phone or search for Google Earth on Android Market. You can get the link of this game by entering your phone number Here.

Ubuntu mobile running on Nokia N900 !

Ubuntu mobile 9.04 was ported on Nokia N900 with LXDE desktop. Thanks to lifenexus, who shown the demo of running Ubuntu on Nokia N900, Maemo device. Its installed natively on the Micro SD Card and runs at a good speed too.


Age of Empires III for Blackberry Phones Launched

Age of Empires is one of my favourite PC games. Now Blackberry users can play Age of Empires III on their Mobile itself. Bplay.com, one of the leading providers of Blackberry games has launched AoE III game for Blackberry devices.
blackberry game AoE.JPGWith AoE III on mobile, you can experience the epic age of discovery by exploring the New World as you build and conquer rival colonies in pursuit of the ultimate empire. Jump into historical battles with skirmish mode or defend Malta from the Ottoman Empire in an extended campaign mode. It serves as a prequel to the AoE III PC game.

But its not free, it costs you $6.99. If you love strategy games like AoE, you definitely need to buy this one.

8100 Pearl, 8110 Pearl, 8120 Pearl, 8130 Pearl, 8220 Pearl Flip, 8230 Pearl Flip, 8300 Curve, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8330 Curve, 8330m, 8350i, 8520 Curve, 8530 Curve, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 9500 Storm, 9520 Storm 2, 9530 Storm, 9550 Storm 2, 9630 Tour, 9700 Bold

LG Mini GD880 Mobile Phone Specs

LG Electronics recently announced a phone named LG GD880 or LG Mini, a phone with a trendsetting design along with a lot of intelligent features.

Speaking to the media Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said, "We developed the LG Mini in response to specific requests from actual consumers who were unhappy with current full touchscreen phones that are too bulky, too clunky and too expensive. The easily pocketable LG Mini delivers great looks at a reasonable price, along with the trendy features that people want.”
LG Mini GD880LG Mini GD880 Mobile Specs:
  • Eye catching looks.
  • World's Slimmest 3.2 inches touch screen.
  • 99gm of weight.
  • 5.0 MP Camera with Advanced Face Detection.
  • Shortcuts to social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • WiFi, GPS, FM Radio.
  • HSPDA at 7.2 Mbps.
  • Personal Information Manager Sync to backup.
The phone will be available in March for Europe market, followed by other markets.

Nokia N900 3D Gaming Capability Demo!

The game simply called as “3D Roller Coaster” was shown at the on-going Mobile World Conference 2010 to demonstrate the 3D capability of Nokia N900. It is going to be available at Ovi Store soon but no release date or price are available for now.

Check out the video to know more about 4D Gaming Capability of Nokia N900, a maemo device.

Download Google Shopper for Android Phones

Google today announced an application for Android phones called as Google Shopper. This is an augmented app which lets you find the information quickly using your mobile phone camera. Features of the Google Shopper app are:
  • Read Barcodes with this app.
  • Check books, DVDs and Video Games instantly.
  • Speak and search the product you are looking for.
  • Know about what price to pay and where to buy it.
  • Provides history to check the old searches.
Check out the below video to know more about Google Shopper.

Download Google Shopper from HERE

Download Kindle app for Blackberry phones

Now you can read more than 4 million kindle books on your blackberry mobile phone with the Kindle for Blackberry app. You can access the Kindle books even if you dont have your Kindle with you. Some of the features of this app are
  • Get best reading experience on your Blackberry phone.
  • If you already have a Kindle, you can access your library of Kindle books, notes, marks and more with Whispersync.
  • Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices.
  • Shop for books in Kindle store.
Kindle app Balckberry.JPG
Supported Devices:
  • Bold 9000
  • Bold 9700
  • Curve 8520
  • Curve 8900
  • Storm 9530
  • Storm 9550
  • Tour 9630

Nokia N900 : Download Fuelpad, Car fuel consumption tracking tool

Looking for a car management app for your Maemo device/Nokia N900? Fuelpad app serves the purpose better. It can be used to record your car fuel and other expenses. It calculates the fuel consumption for each entry, the overall distance, average fuel consumption and total cost. It can track the expenses of several cars. It also has a reminder system for regular maintenance recording.

N900 Fuelpad app.JPG
Suggestions to improve this app from Users:
  • User Customized Columns.
  • Use GPS to note the location of the fuel filled.
  • Argumented app using camera, so that instead of entering manually just a click at the petrol pump gets all the values like fuel filled, price/liter, total cost etc.
Hope we can see the above suggestions will be implemented soon, so that this app becomes more wonderful app for Nokia N900 users.

SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 for Android, Symbian, Windows Phones Launched

SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 was launched yesterday for Android and Symbian along with Windows Mobile.

Some of the new features of SPB Mobile Shell are:
  • New 3D engine.
  • Natural Interaction Engine.
  • Support for G-sensor and Multitouch.
  • Improved social networking integration.
  • Dynamic 3D Widgets.
  • 3D Media Player, 3D Photo Viewer and 3D Weather.
  • Status sync with popular services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • SPB UI Builder 2.0
  • Multi-platform support: Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian.
SPB Mobile shell android symbian windows screenshot.JPG
About SPB Software:

SPB's software solutions deliver richer smartphone experiences and enable subscribers to do more with their mobile data connections. SPB Software is the maker of the world's single number one bestselling mobile application SPB Mobile Shell. For more information, please visit www.spb.com.

Samsung i8910 Free Applications Download

Check out the list of must have Free Apps for your Samsung Omnia HD i8910. Click on the applications to download.

Fring: With Fring you can connect to your friends no matter where ever you are. Fring is a all in one messenger for your mobile which supports Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM. You can listen to music with your Last.fm friends, check out what each other are up to on Facebook, receive alerts of new Google Mail and you can do much more with this app. Click on the below image to download.
i8910 fring app screenshot
Tweets60: Tweets60 is a free native Series60 Twitter application. This easy to use free twitter app will make Twitter more accessible, quicker than the mobile site. The free version includes all essentials you need to get twittering on the go.

Opera 10 beta 3: With Opera 10, you can experience faster, full screen browsing on your mobile phone. It has lots of features like Speed dial, Tabs, Opera Turbo, Adapters etc. Its the best mobile browser for i8910. To download Opera Mobile directly to your phone simply visit m.opera.com/mobile using your phone’s default Web browser or click on below image to download to PC and then transfer to mobile.
opera for i8910
You can also Other browsers like Skyfire and Digia Web Browser which are also good in their respective way.

i-nigma: i-nigma is a Barcode Reader which helps us to download apps or get information without typing. Just scanning the barcode will take you to the associated link or displays the text. The free application is the industry's most comprehensive 1D/2D Mobile Barcode. Just go to www.i-nigma.mobi on your mobile, i-nigma will automatically identify your handset type, download and install i-nigma.

i-nigma for i8910.JPGWorldMate Live: With this app you can turn your i8910 into a personal travel assistant. You can easily create, manage and share your itinerary which includes all your travel bookings - flights, hotels, car rentals etc plus all of your meetings. Everything is synchronized over the air with the WorldMate Live online travel planner and with your calendar.

Google Maps 4.0: Google Maps is a must have app for GPS and Navigation purpose. It not only guides you the directions but also tells you about famous restaurants, theaters etc near to you. With the new version, you can see the Buzz near you, Business listings, check the traffic, use Layers, Latitude and much more. You can download Google Maps by visiting m.google.com/maps from your phone.Google Maps i8910.JPG
ActiveFile Explorer: This app is a sure replacement to default File explorer on i8910. It provides File management with 2 panels so that, you can view one folder in the first tab and browse to another folder in the second tab, which can be used for easy data management.

WeFi: WeFi is dedicated to helping you find, connect, and enjoy Wi-Fi all around the world. With this app you can automatically connect to Wi-Fi locations faster and easier.

Youtube Client: With this app you can browse millions of videos including most viewed, top rated, and the day's featured videos and also upload videos directly from this app. To download youtube client, visit m.youtube.com/app from your mobile browser.
Youtube App.JPG
JoikuSpot: JoikuSpot Light is a FREE limited edition of JoikuSpot that connects your laptop to internet via Wifi using your mobile phone's 3G connection.

TuneWiki: TuneWiki will surely replace the inbuilt music player with its unique features like playing music along with Lyrics(instant search for Lyrics), just 1 click access to the Video of the song you are listening, SHOUTcast Radio Integration, Blip your favourites, Offline mode etc. Click on the below image to download TuneWiki Free.
tune wiki for i8910
Qik: Qik lets you share your everyday life experiences as it happens with your family and friends, right from your mobile phone.

AccuWeather: Weather Client which updates with Live Whether reports on your mobile phone. You can check hourly and daily report of weather for any location globally.
accweather i8910.JPG
Nokia Custom Dictionary: Nokia Custom Dictionary is designed to offer an easy way to manage the custom dictionary on your smartphone.The custom dictionary is used for storing your personal words that are used frequently while typing. These words are then used in predictive text input.

Slide IT: This app is used for Typing fast and it is sure to replace the inbuilt keyboard. With this app you can type with just one finger, more over its easy and fun.

Hope you liked these free applications for Samsung Omnia HD i8910. Please post through comments section if I had missed any useful Free app. Also read How I use my Samsung Omnia HD i8910? on my blog.

BOLT Browser 1.7 Free Download

BOLT Browser 1.7 which was announced 10 days back is now available for download. The new version of Bolt Browser comes with some of the unique features to make the user experience enriched.
  • Widgets Support: You can install widgets(Web applications) directly from the BOLT Browser.
  • Twitter Client: Direct integration of Twitter Posting from browser.
  • Advanced Download Manager: which allows you to download multiple file simoultaneously with pause - resume option.
  • Speed Increase: Due to automatic socket support, the speed increases by 15% in general.
  • Video Support: Support for YouTube videos embedded in 3rd party sites and ESPN, CNN Videos.
  • Shortcut Keys: which enable users to zoom in or out directly from the keypad, as well as navigating to the top or bottom of a page in full screen view directly. BlackBerry-specific shortcut keys and common shortcut keys for devices with QWERTY keypad also available.
  • Spanish and Russian language support
bolt browser download
About Bolt Browser:

BOLT is a fast mobile browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience on even entry-level mobile phones. It is compatible with virtually any handset with Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 support. In non-geekspeak, this means "it works on lots of phones, even basic ones."

Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with an efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style Web pages and rich media applications on all levels of mobile devices.

Download Bolt Browser Free

Download Worksnug Augmented Reality iPhone App

WorkSnug connects mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work. WorkSnug uses Augmented Reality showing users where the closest Wi-Fi hotspots and potential workspaces are located by simply holding up their phone, where the information is displayed on the screen alongside real life surroundings.The service was launched today for Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

  • Ratings of WiFi.
  • Get Noise Levels of each WiFi HotSpot.
  • Power Provision.
  • Community Feel.
  • Quality of the Coffee near HotSpot.
WorkSnug began in London in Nov 2009. WorkSnug founder Richard Leyland added, “as well as Barcelona, we are rolling out in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, New York, San Francisco and more very soon”.

Check out the below video to know more about working of WorkSnug.

Download JoikuSpot for Nokia N900

Today JoikuSpot launched its Linux Edition for Maemo devices, Nokia N900. JoikuSpot turns the user's mobile phone into a wireless MiFi, USB dongle or a HotSpot.

Some of the features of JoikuSpot for N900 are
  • Speed Measurement which allow users to accurately see their mobile internet connection speed.
  • Touch user interface.
  • 1 click access.
  • Real time reports of Mobile broadband usage.
  • Automatic Roaming detection.
Speaking to the media CEO and Founder of Joikusoft Mr.Tom Ojala said, "Nokia Maemo platform allows the most speedy and easy internet connection via JoikuSpotting. Coupled with intuitive touch-user interface that Nokia N900 has, the user experience for mobile internet has now become "1 click". The Nokia N900 takes mobile internet to a totally new level. Nokia N900 owners can now simply go and make their N900 a wireless "MiFi" modem with a simple download!"

Download JoikuSoft for N900

About JoikuSoft :

Joikusoft was the first in the world to roll out a mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot solution already in 2008. JoikuSpot turns your phone to a WiFi HotSpot and secures the connection. Connect your laptop to web via WiFi using your mobile phone as a 3G modem.
jaikuspot for Nokia N900

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series Unveiled!

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the Windows Phone 7 series today at MWC 2010. With windows 7, the next generation of windows phone Microsoft brings Xbox Live Games, Zune Music and Video experience on a mobile phone together.

Speaking to the Media Steve Ballmer said, “Today, I’m proud to introduce Windows Phone 7 Series, the next generation of Windows Phones, In a crowded market filled with phones that look the same and do the same things, I challenged the team to deliver a different kind of mobile experience. Windows Phone 7 Series marks a turning point toward phones that truly reflect the speed of people’s lives and their need to connect to other people and all kinds of seamless experiences.”
windows mobile 7 series
Some of the specialities of windows 7 are
  • Replace static icons with Dynamically updated live tiles on Home Screen.
  • Detecated hardwaare button for Bing.
  • Windows Phone hubs which brings web, applications and services int a single view.
  • 6 hubs: People, Pictures, Games, Music+Video, Marketplace, Office.
  • Live XBOX Gaming.

Check out the video about Windows mobile 7 Series.


Samsung S8500 'Wave' First Bada OS Phone Specs

Samsung S8500 alias "Wave" is the first phone of Samsung to be released using company's own proprietary Platform Bada. Recently the Specs and pictures of the new phone are leaked. released at MWC. The looks and design of the mobile is quite impressive. Some of the salient features of S8500 are
  • Bada OS with Touchwiz 3.0.
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • 3.3 inches AMOLED Screen.
  • 5 MP camera with 720p video recording.
  • Just 10.9mm thick.
  • 2gb internal memory and expandable Micro SD slot.
  • Divx player.
  • 3.5 mm jack.
Samsung Bada Phone S8500 Pic
Samsung S8500 Wave Specs Photo
To see more pics of Samsung S8500 visit DailyMobile.se

Nokia UI on Symbian^3 Design Preview

The Symbian^3 (S^3) platform is the first entirely open source release. Some of the features of Symbian^3 Platform are
  • Multiple Homescreen Pages.
  • Add and Manage your Widgets.
  • Instant access to apps and Services.
  • Fast with HW accelerated Graphics.
  • Fast Flip Scrolling UI.
  • Single Tap to browse menu.
  • Multi touch.
Check out the video for Symbian^3 UI:


Three Free Blackberry apps to make Valentines day more special!

As valentines day is approaching, everyone seems busy in purchasing gifts and planning the day. Hope these three free apps for Blackberry phones will help you at least by some extent.

Poynt: Use Poynt to find Special restaurants near you to dine with your beloved one on the Valentine's day eve. Also you can make reservations at the restaurants and book movie tickets.
poynt blackberry app
Mobile Flower and Gift Center:With this app, you can find perfect gifts and flowers anytime, anywhere to your beloved ones. Never miss that special day again. Faster than a phone call, your gift and good cheer will be on their way.
gift flowers blackberry app
buzzd: There will be lot of romantic events happening for the valentine's day. With buzzd, you can get recent buzzs about the venues and events that are happening around you on your blackberry.
buzzd blackberry app
Have a wonderful Valentine's day with your beloved ones.


Droid and Nexus One gets Urbanspoon app

Urbanspoon, a popular app for finding restaurant comes to Android today. The app was released for two popular Android based phones Motorola Driod and Google's Nexus One.
The iPhone and BlackBerry versions of this app were already a big hit.

Some of the features of Urbanspoon Android app are
  • The big screen of Driod an Nexus One lets you show lots of detail.
  • Search is right at the top, and works instantly.
  • Find restaurants depending on location and price.
  • Its blazingly fast.
To install Urbanspoon on your Droid or Nexus One, search for "urbanspoon" in the Android Market.
Urbanspoon app Motorola Driod
About Urbanspoon App:

Urbanspoon App is a restaurant slot machine. Just shake the phone and the wheels will spin until they settle on a good nearby restaurant for you. You can also lock down the neighborhood, cuisine and price you are interested in. Keep spinning until you get a restaurant you want to try.


Download MyTunes Music Player for Windows Mobile

MyTunes is basically a music player for your windows mobile phone developed by an unsatisfied user who didn't get a good music player for his windows mobile. Thanks to Timmy at Xda-developers who has developed this app for windows mobile users. By looking at the video demo of the app, it looks great but need to wait and see how far further enhancements takes place on this app.
windows mobile music player mytunesSome of the new features of the MyTunes app are
  • A new album song list view with the ability to change almums while in the view.
  • Updated shade slider; reversed the direction that it moves the albums so its more of a slider than any sort of album flow
  • Holding the top bar until it turns red will bring up settings page.
  • The player now shows you the current playing track in blue so that you can easily jump back to the album that the song is in.
  • You can now clear out the current playlist, save playlists, load playlists and also concatenate multiple playlists
  • Settings allow you to set default folder , and the default playlist. repeat and random toggle buttons are hooked to anything yet.
  • New volume slider, just click on the speakers in the corner to bring it up, then slide it back down when you are done.
  • You can now throw away albums you no longer want in your playlist by swiping them down into your folder
Download WM Music Player at Xda-developers forum. Check out the demo video by Tim to know more about this beautiful app.

3x Faster Apps on Android with Myraid

Myriad Group, a global leader in mobile technology, today unveiled the high performance Dalvik Turbo virtual machine, which replaces the standard Dalvik engine powering applications on the Android platform. It can support many processors including those based on ARM, Intel Atom and MIPS Architectures.

With Dalvik Turbo Virtual Machine,
  • You can increase applications speed by 3 times.
  • Can get better battery life.
  • Can run more complex applications.
  • Have Richer Gaming experience.
  • Developers can create high computing games for Android platform.
android 3x faster apps and richer games
“The Android ecosystem continues to gain momentum with a regular flow of new devices being launched by operators and OEMs globally,” said Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Myriad Group. “By bringing together Myriad’s heritage in virtual machines and Linux platforms we have been able to significantly improve the performance of Android handsets, leading to a greatly enhanced user experience with richer applications and games and improved responsiveness.”

Myriad will demonstrate the new Dalvik Turbo in action at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 15th‐18th of this month.

About Myriad:

Myriad Group AG is a global leader in mobile technology and has shipped software in more than 2 billion devices. Its comprehensive portfolio includes browsers, messaging, Java, social networking, user interfaces and middleware for all types of mobile phones, from ultralow cost handsets to advanced smartphones.

For more information on Myriad visit www.myriadgroup.com


Smart Recorder 2.0 is best Recording app for iPhone

Roe Mobile Development, recently released an iPhone Productivity app, Smart Recorder 2.0. The unique features available in Smart Recorder app is a sure replacement of inbuilt voice recorder for your iPhone.

Some of the unique features of Smart Recorder are:
  • Ability to take notes at a meeting more efficiently.
  • You can mark an important conversation at the meeting and easily play them back.
  • Auto Pause feature which suspends recording when there is no voice.
  • From the app itself you can take the photographs of whiteboards, lecture visuals.
  • When playing, it provides a slider and arrow buttons to quickly move around a recording.
  • Speed control of Playback normal, fast or slow modes.
  • User can define his own settings and customize the Smart Recorder app.
  • Export the recordings using any of the 3 ways:
    1. Email(You can select a compression rate, so that Smart Recorder will compress the file and hence can be sent easily via mail)
    2. SyncDocs to transfer both the text and recordings.
    3. Via Wifi Transfer
The Lite version of Smart Recorder 2.0 is available free on iTunes but the full version will cost you $2.99.


Sony ericsson's Xperia X1 running Android 2.0.1

Sony ericsson had announced that Android powered Xperia X10 will soon hit the markets, but a hacker already installed Android on Xperia X1. Xperia X1 is basically a windows mobile and installing Android on the top of it is really a big achievement.

Thanks to pocketgamer.co.uk people, who recently posted a video on youtube by giving the live demo of Android on Xperia X1. Most of the apps just run fine on the mobile. Check out the video for Android experience on X1.

Cellcrypt Offers Free 90 Day Secure Calling for BlackBerry Users

Cellcrypt has today launched a Wi-Fi version of its secure mobile voice calling application that is free to BlackBerry smartphones users for 90 days. This offer provides a quick and easy ‘rapid response’ solution for senior executives who have become increasingly concerned about the risk of mobile voice call interception.

A recent research showed that 80% of businesses regard mobile calls are at least as vulnerable as email, only 18% have adequate mobile voice call security solutions. With CellCrypt you can make calls over a Wi-Fi network to another Cellcrypt user anywhere in the world and be assured about your call protection.

Cellcrypt Mobile provides end-to-end voice encryption on BlackBerry smartphones, ensuring that important mobile phone conversations remain confidential.Utilising the IP data channel it supports cellular (2.5G, 3G, 3.5G), Wi-Fi and satellite networks and delivers government-grade security in an easy-to-use application that makes highly secure calling as easy as making a normal phone call.

To know more about the offer visit Cellcrypt Page

Source: Cellcrypt Press Release

Google Buzz for Mobile with Location Features

Along with the Buzz in Gmail, Google today announced the launch of BUZZ for mobile. With Buzz, you can see what's going on nearby, post a message tagged with your location, and keep up with your friends on the go. You can also follow your friends and get informed.

The main features of the Google Buzz are
  • Post buzz tagged with your location.
  • View buzz near your location.
  • Comment or Like other people's Buzz.
  • With the Buzz layer on Google Maps, view what's going on nearby at a glance.
  • Read buzz about the places you're interested in from the Place Page.
Currently iPhone and Android users can use the Buzz on mobile. Blackberry, Windows and Symbian users need to wait for some more time to use Buzz, however they can use Buzz layer on Google maps.

To get Buzz on your phone, visit buzz.google.com on your mobile browser. Check out some of the screenshots of Google Buzz for Mobile.

Google buzz layer on maps
Buzz near a location
buzz at a placeVia Google Mobile Blog

Craigslist Mobile app for BlackBerry phones

Finally after long wait of about 2 months, Blackberry's appworld approved Craigslist Mobile app by Movela. This is a full featured client application for BlackBerry devices that allows users to browse and search craigslist postings, bookmark and reply to posts, save searches and more. Supports all categories and all countries supported by the www.craigslist.org website. craigslist mobile by Movela is the official craigslist application for BlackBerry devices.

But the app is not free, it costs you $4.99.If you are a frequent user of craigslist, this will be definitely worth buying, else think before you buy to suit yourself.

Download Craigslist Mobile app from appworld. Some of the screenshots of the app are listed below.


Upcoming mobile phones for T-mobile got leaked!

T-Mobile phonesRecently upcoming mobile phones for T-mobile operator in US has leaked. The most noted phone among the leaks are HTC HD2, which is slated to release on march 24th. The 4.3 inches large screen and its unique features will certainly makes its special.

Other leaked phones include Moto Cliq XT, an android based device and Nokia Nuron, a low cost touch screen phone will debut on 3/10 and 3/17 respectively. These phones are useful in their own ways.

via Ubergizmo

US Mobile Market Share in December 2009

comScore today announced the share of mobile manufacturers and mobile platform in the December 2009. According to the report, a total number of 234 million with aged 13 or older used the mobile phones in december. Among the leading manufacturers. Motorola tops the charts where as among the smartphone platforms RIM has a share of 41.6%.

Share of top mobile OEMs in US Sep-09 and Dec-09:-
  1. Motorola: 24.9% and 23.5%
  2. LG: 21.7% and 21.9%
  3. Samsung: 20.4% and 21.2%
  4. Nokia: 9.6% and 9.2%
  5. RIM: 6.4% and 7.0%

The following table describes the share of top smartphone platforms usage in US.

Total Smartphone share in Sep-09 and Dec-09 :-
  1. RIM: 42.6% and 41.6%
  2. Apple: 24.1% and 25.3%
  3. Microsoft: 19.0% and 18.0%
  4. Palm: 8.3% and 6.1%
  5. Google: 2.5% and 5.2%

Samsung M100S better than Omnia HD!

Samsung mobile is getting tough competition from its rival iPhone even in its domestic market,South Korea. Samsung may depend more on Android until its own platform Bada rolls out. Recently it announced its first 2.1 version Android OS based phone M100S through its network partner SK Telecom. The main features of SHW-M100S are
  • Latest version of Android OS.
  • 800 Mhz CPU.
  • 3.7 inches AMOLED display.
  • Supports video calling.
  • High T-DMB functionality.
  • 720p Video Recording and playback.
  • Divx Certified.
  • Comes with Loads of applications.
Hope with new innovative phones, Samsung can stop iPhone atleast in its domestic market. Samsung released pics to the Korean market, have a look at it.
Looking at the features the phone will beat Omnia HD i8910 in many ways, be it a 800MHz processor or a new version of Android OS. Though other features like HD video recording, Divx playing, 3.7 inch AMOLED screen are same as i8910, Android OS and high speed processor gave its an edge. The phone looks impressive on the charts, need to check the actual functionality once its released.

HulloMail, voicemail service for iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phones

HulloMail is the fastest, easiest and most flexible way to handle your voicemail from virtually any mobile device, standard landline phone or email account, no matter which operator you use. It’s free, easy and incorporates all the immediacy of email to create new, more user efficient “voice-emails” that essentially replace your existing voicemail and offer an entirely new level of communication and functionality.

To access the service, visit www.HulloMail.com, open an account and dial the code provided to set up the service.

For users with Android phones, simply download the free HulloMail app from the marketplace and follow the instructions – HulloMail will do the rest.

Good news for Blackberry users. HulloMail takes its BlackBerry smartphone application to a new level with enhanced features and improved usability. New HulloMail application delivers push notifications, auto-message download and introduces 'Hullos' - HulloMail's new two-way digital audio messaging technology.

Currently the app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and many other phones. Download the app from the website. Check out the video for a short demo about this app

HTC HD2: App to Test the Device Memory

After recent discoveries about the HTC HD2 hidden 128MB RAM, Sc4Freak from XDA developers forum written a small application known as EatMemory which uses the native Win32 API to allocate as much memory as it can (up to 2GB), and verifies it.

This application is designed to test the limits of your device's memory. Though it is especially designed for HTC HD2, I guess this can be used for other windows mobile phones.

The key features of this application are
  • Test whether HD2's additional 128MB is actually usable or not.
  • This application will attempt to allocate as much memory as it can, OS limits notwithstanding. The application allocates memory in the OS's shared memory space, which means that it isn't privy to the usual 32MB address space limit.
  • No need to run multiple instances to consume your memory. Just one instance will do.
  • Application has much more precise control over memory, and can consume memory until only a couple of megabytes remain.
  • This application verifies the memory it allocates, by writing a byte pattern to the memory, and reading it out again. This also guarantees that the memory is, in fact, usable and valid.
Download the app from XDA Developer Forums and test your windows mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson Aspen mobile Specifications

Sony ericsson aspen mobile phone
Sony Ericsson is all set to introduce a new phone named Aspen in second quarter of this year. The specifications of this phone are as follows:
  • OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3
  • 2.4 inch TFT Touch Screen(65K Color).
  • Qwerty Keyboard.
  • A-GPS, Wi-fi,Bluetooth(A2DP) Connectivity.
  • 3.2M camera with 4x digital zoom.
  • 3.5mm Jack and Stereo Speaker.
  • Includes Greenheart software like Power saving modes, eco-mate application, electronic manual, waterborne painting.
  • Comes with default mobile Applications like Microsoft Office mobile, Pdf Reader, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, CNN, YouTube, Skype, Google Maps,SPB Mobile Shell etc.
  • ActiveSync Mail Exchange.
  • Talk time upto 10 hrs, Music Playing time upto 12 hrs and standby time upto 450hrs.
  • Two Colors Iconic Black and White Silver.
Overall the specs suggest that it has nothing new to offer except the latest version of windows operating system. Windows 6.5.3 has many new features and this is the first mobile releasing with this operating system. The look of the mobile phone is good and its especially designed for business people. If you are interested in business phones with qwerty keyboard then you can give a try, else Sony Ericsson Aspen is just another mobile phone.

Download redSn0w 0.9.2 for iPhone

redSn0w is a cross-platform jailbreaking, unlocking, and customizing tool for iPhones and iPod touches by iPhone Dev Team. redsn0w works by modifying your current filesystem, so your existing baseband, data and applications should remain intact. It supports all iPhones 3.1.2 and iPod touches (still a tethered-only JB for late-model devices though).

Some of the unique features of redSn0w differing from blackra1n are
  • It offers custom logos and verbose boot
  • It installs Cydia, afc2, BootNeuter (iPhone 2G), pushfix, and the IPCC tethering hack without needing separate downloads.
  • It doesn't touch your baseband.
If you're already jailbroken your phone, redsn0w can still be used to change your boot logos or switch verbose booting on and off by selecting “Already Pwned” during installation.

Download redSn0w for iPhone to Jailbreak your phone now.

Download Flight Track Mobile App

If you are travelling by Air frequently, this is a worthy application for your mobile. Mobiata's FlightTrack gets real-time status for flights from around the world. You can find out about flight delays and cancellations as they happen, and also look up your gate number, baggage claim info etc.
Some of the features of FlightTrack mobile application are
  • Search flight schedules or find alternatives upto 11 months in advance.
  • Live international flight maps, which are used by most of the airlines.
  • Live weather radar to predict flight delays and cancellations.
  • Just tap to share a detailed flight status, gate numbers, cancellations to your friends.
  • Review your flights in offline mode.
  • Home Screen Updates for Android phones.
FlightTrack is available on both Android and iPhone.
  • iPhone users download FlightTrack app from iTunes link for just $4.99.
  • Android users search for FlightTrack on Android Market or use the below barcode to download the app.

Samsung Omnia i8910 Firmware Update Preview

At last Samsung is going to release the firmware update for i8910 HD (Omnia HD). The firmware will be released in this month. In this update the performance of the phone will be increased. Kinetic scrolling which is popular in iPhone is being added to make contacts and menu navigation easier. It also includes an updated web browser and an updated graphics engine.

Check out the below video, where you can know the features that Samsung is offering in this update. It has the unreleased build of the firmware. The update looks promising.

Free UK TV on mobile by ROK TV

Live Mobile TVROK TV brings Live UK TV on your mobile phone, free of cost. ROK TV is an application that you can download and install on your Mobile that allows you to watch Television on your phone.

ROK TV uses a purpose built media player to allow moving video to play sideways on your mobile screen. It works by transmitting the television signal via GPRS straight to your phone. Unlike other Mobile Television Services, ROK TV works on a normal 2.5G signal. 2.5G is the standard signal that makes the player superior to all other offerings.

ROK TV's unique feature is that it is not dependant on any particular Network Provider, this means that you can be on T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, and Orange and still receive a television signal.

Though the service is in Beta, its worth to try this app. Currently this app supports more than 280 mobile phones and only 4 live channels as they are in Beta. Soon they are adding 9 more channels. Download the Live mobile UK TV free and start using this LIVE TV Service.


SMS Application for Android Free Download

Android users who often sends SMS will love the chompSMS app. You can use chompSMS as a replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send SMS messages normally. Some of the features of this SMS App are
  • Chat style conversation bubbles.
  • Send cheaper SMS messages via the chompSMS network.
  • Quick Compose and Quick reply while doing other task.
  • User interface customizations.
  • Contact Pictures.
  • Choose different ringtone for different contacts.
  • Hear the text messages being spoken.
  • Blacklisting of contacts.
Download this application directly from Android market or opening http://www.chompsms.com/main/install_chomp from your mobile browser. It won't work to download on PC.

sms application for andriod chat bubble
chompsms settings

Download Firefox for Maemo N900 ,Official version

Today Mozilla has finally released the official version of Firefox 1.0 for Nokia N900
Some of the features of Firefox mobile version are:
  • Fast performance and better security.
  • Tabs and browser controls are stowed away to the sides of the screen.
  • Bookmark your favorite sites with one touch.
  • Awesome Bar.
  • Add-ons to your mobile. Personalize your browser and make it your own.
  • Password Manager.
  • Fab Tabs.
  • Be a Local, Wherever You Are.
  • Weave Sync.
Visit firefox.com/m on your Nokia N900 to download Firefox.

Check out the below video to know about browsing experience on the N900 with release version of Firefox.


Download Free Nokia Custom Dictionary

Have you ever thought of adding your own words to the dictionary so that you can use it for latter purpose when you type a message with Predictive text input. Nokia Custom Dictionary is designed exactly to serve this purpose. It offers an easy way to manage the custom dictionary on your smartphone. You can store and manage personal words that are used frequently while typing. Some of the features of Custom Dictionary from Nokia beta labs are
  • View all the words in your custom dictionary
  • Add new words to it
  • Edit and Delete existing words
  • Export the dictionary as xml file
  • Import words from an xml file
  • Scan text files to import all the words
  • Transfer your dictionary to another phone

Supports : Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition mobile phones.

Check out the below video to know more about it.

Download Navimote, Location Tracking App

Navimote is an on-demand phone finder based on push technology. With Navimote you can enable others to retrieve your position in real-time.

Features of Navimote:
  • Locate your friends.
  • Locate your mobile phone.
  • Keep Track of your children.
  • Does not drain your Battery.
  • On Navimote webpage you can see the list of the phones/friends you have added before. Just click on the "Get location" button to see their position on a map.
Navimote supports the following operating systems: Windows Mobile, S60/Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson Java and iPhone(Jailbroken phones only).

Go to www.navizon.com/navimote from your device to install Navimote. Or Download Navimote App to your computer and then transfer to your phone.
You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to locate a phone/person with Navimote:
  1. Navimote must be installed on the device/phone you want to locate.
  2. The phone/device you want to locate must have an internet connection.
  3. A navizon account, its free completely
  4. You must send a token to the person you want to locate.
  5. The owner of the device must enter the token into Navimote

Download DivX Mobile Player for Symbian and Windows Phones

DivX Mobile Player allows you to play AVI, DivX, WMV, Xvid files on your mobile phone, even if your phone isn't officially DivX Certified. Some of the unique features of DivX Mobile Player are
  • Support Flash Content.
  • Support Videos with Subtitles in Multi Languages.
  • Plays both HD videos like 720P and low resolution videos.
  • Supports 64bit file size descriptors in AVI.
  • 8X, 20X, 60X and 300X Fast Forward Speeds.
  • Supports Slow Forward after Pause.
The DivX Mobile Player supports the following mobile phone Operating Systems:
  • Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
  • Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC
  • Symbian OS 9 S60 3rd Edition
  • Symbian OS 9 UIQ 3.0
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional


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