3x Faster Apps on Android with Myraid

Myriad Group, a global leader in mobile technology, today unveiled the high performance Dalvik Turbo virtual machine, which replaces the standard Dalvik engine powering applications on the Android platform. It can support many processors including those based on ARM, Intel Atom and MIPS Architectures.

With Dalvik Turbo Virtual Machine,
  • You can increase applications speed by 3 times.
  • Can get better battery life.
  • Can run more complex applications.
  • Have Richer Gaming experience.
  • Developers can create high computing games for Android platform.
android 3x faster apps and richer games
“The Android ecosystem continues to gain momentum with a regular flow of new devices being launched by operators and OEMs globally,” said Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Myriad Group. “By bringing together Myriad’s heritage in virtual machines and Linux platforms we have been able to significantly improve the performance of Android handsets, leading to a greatly enhanced user experience with richer applications and games and improved responsiveness.”

Myriad will demonstrate the new Dalvik Turbo in action at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 15th‐18th of this month.

About Myriad:

Myriad Group AG is a global leader in mobile technology and has shipped software in more than 2 billion devices. Its comprehensive portfolio includes browsers, messaging, Java, social networking, user interfaces and middleware for all types of mobile phones, from ultralow cost handsets to advanced smartphones.

For more information on Myriad visit www.myriadgroup.com


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