Download JoikuSpot for Nokia N900

Today JoikuSpot launched its Linux Edition for Maemo devices, Nokia N900. JoikuSpot turns the user's mobile phone into a wireless MiFi, USB dongle or a HotSpot.

Some of the features of JoikuSpot for N900 are
  • Speed Measurement which allow users to accurately see their mobile internet connection speed.
  • Touch user interface.
  • 1 click access.
  • Real time reports of Mobile broadband usage.
  • Automatic Roaming detection.
Speaking to the media CEO and Founder of Joikusoft Mr.Tom Ojala said, "Nokia Maemo platform allows the most speedy and easy internet connection via JoikuSpotting. Coupled with intuitive touch-user interface that Nokia N900 has, the user experience for mobile internet has now become "1 click". The Nokia N900 takes mobile internet to a totally new level. Nokia N900 owners can now simply go and make their N900 a wireless "MiFi" modem with a simple download!"

Download JoikuSoft for N900

About JoikuSoft :

Joikusoft was the first in the world to roll out a mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot solution already in 2008. JoikuSpot turns your phone to a WiFi HotSpot and secures the connection. Connect your laptop to web via WiFi using your mobile phone as a 3G modem.
jaikuspot for Nokia N900

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