Droid and Nexus One gets Urbanspoon app

Urbanspoon, a popular app for finding restaurant comes to Android today. The app was released for two popular Android based phones Motorola Driod and Google's Nexus One.
The iPhone and BlackBerry versions of this app were already a big hit.

Some of the features of Urbanspoon Android app are
  • The big screen of Driod an Nexus One lets you show lots of detail.
  • Search is right at the top, and works instantly.
  • Find restaurants depending on location and price.
  • Its blazingly fast.
To install Urbanspoon on your Droid or Nexus One, search for "urbanspoon" in the Android Market.
Urbanspoon app Motorola Driod
About Urbanspoon App:

Urbanspoon App is a restaurant slot machine. Just shake the phone and the wheels will spin until they settle on a good nearby restaurant for you. You can also lock down the neighborhood, cuisine and price you are interested in. Keep spinning until you get a restaurant you want to try.


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