HTC HD2: App to Test the Device Memory

After recent discoveries about the HTC HD2 hidden 128MB RAM, Sc4Freak from XDA developers forum written a small application known as EatMemory which uses the native Win32 API to allocate as much memory as it can (up to 2GB), and verifies it.

This application is designed to test the limits of your device's memory. Though it is especially designed for HTC HD2, I guess this can be used for other windows mobile phones.

The key features of this application are
  • Test whether HD2's additional 128MB is actually usable or not.
  • This application will attempt to allocate as much memory as it can, OS limits notwithstanding. The application allocates memory in the OS's shared memory space, which means that it isn't privy to the usual 32MB address space limit.
  • No need to run multiple instances to consume your memory. Just one instance will do.
  • Application has much more precise control over memory, and can consume memory until only a couple of megabytes remain.
  • This application verifies the memory it allocates, by writing a byte pattern to the memory, and reading it out again. This also guarantees that the memory is, in fact, usable and valid.
Download the app from XDA Developer Forums and test your windows mobile phone.

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