HulloMail, voicemail service for iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phones

HulloMail is the fastest, easiest and most flexible way to handle your voicemail from virtually any mobile device, standard landline phone or email account, no matter which operator you use. It’s free, easy and incorporates all the immediacy of email to create new, more user efficient “voice-emails” that essentially replace your existing voicemail and offer an entirely new level of communication and functionality.

To access the service, visit, open an account and dial the code provided to set up the service.

For users with Android phones, simply download the free HulloMail app from the marketplace and follow the instructions – HulloMail will do the rest.

Good news for Blackberry users. HulloMail takes its BlackBerry smartphone application to a new level with enhanced features and improved usability. New HulloMail application delivers push notifications, auto-message download and introduces 'Hullos' - HulloMail's new two-way digital audio messaging technology.

Currently the app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and many other phones. Download the app from the website. Check out the video for a short demo about this app

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