Nokia N900 : Download Fuelpad, Car fuel consumption tracking tool

Looking for a car management app for your Maemo device/Nokia N900? Fuelpad app serves the purpose better. It can be used to record your car fuel and other expenses. It calculates the fuel consumption for each entry, the overall distance, average fuel consumption and total cost. It can track the expenses of several cars. It also has a reminder system for regular maintenance recording.

N900 Fuelpad app.JPG
Suggestions to improve this app from Users:
  • User Customized Columns.
  • Use GPS to note the location of the fuel filled.
  • Argumented app using camera, so that instead of entering manually just a click at the petrol pump gets all the values like fuel filled, price/liter, total cost etc.
Hope we can see the above suggestions will be implemented soon, so that this app becomes more wonderful app for Nokia N900 users.

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