Smart Recorder 2.0 is best Recording app for iPhone

Roe Mobile Development, recently released an iPhone Productivity app, Smart Recorder 2.0. The unique features available in Smart Recorder app is a sure replacement of inbuilt voice recorder for your iPhone.

Some of the unique features of Smart Recorder are:
  • Ability to take notes at a meeting more efficiently.
  • You can mark an important conversation at the meeting and easily play them back.
  • Auto Pause feature which suspends recording when there is no voice.
  • From the app itself you can take the photographs of whiteboards, lecture visuals.
  • When playing, it provides a slider and arrow buttons to quickly move around a recording.
  • Speed control of Playback normal, fast or slow modes.
  • User can define his own settings and customize the Smart Recorder app.
  • Export the recordings using any of the 3 ways:
    1. Email(You can select a compression rate, so that Smart Recorder will compress the file and hence can be sent easily via mail)
    2. SyncDocs to transfer both the text and recordings.
    3. Via Wifi Transfer
The Lite version of Smart Recorder 2.0 is available free on iTunes but the full version will cost you $2.99.


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