Augmented Reality Applications to rule Mobile Market

Imagine if you can point to something using your mobile and the mobile would give you the information about it. Augmented reality refers to such a technology (mobile devices, in-windshield displays, etc.) that has the capacity to get the information from the Web regarding a real object .

The term "outer Web" , one of the most interesting ideas of Mobile application developers is the extension of the information outside the normal confines of broadband networks and into the real world. This is not a new concept altogether. They have been made available for some time now,the best example being Layar which runs of iPhone and the Google andriod. And there are lot of other apps like Wikitude, TwittAround, TAT, Worksnug, AR Compass etc which are pretty popular as augmented reality apps.AR is going to be pretty much useful for the investigating agencies. But still have to see how far can this AR be implemented in real life taking into consideration various hinderances .

AR apps

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