Download Best Alarm Pro for Blackberry Phones

Alarm Pro is the best alarm client for the Blackberry Phones currently available in the market. The powerful features of this app is sure to replace the regular alarm app for your Blackberry phone.

Features of Alarm Pro:
  • Simple, Quick and Easy to use.
  • Visually stunning appeareance.
  • Create multiple Alarms.
  • Choose from 4 built-in sounds or select your own song as alarm tone.
  • Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 minutes all the way up to an hour
  • Set quick alarms for quick power nap etc.
  • Your own alarm templates.
blackberry alarm clock screeenshot
blackberry alarm pro
8700, 8703e, 8707v, 8100 (Pearl), 8300 (Curve), 8310 (Curve), 8320 (Curve), 8330 (Curve), 8350i (Curve), 8800, 8820, 8830, 8110 (Pearl 2), 8120 (Pearl 2), 8130 (Pearl 2)
Bold (9000), Storm (9500, 9530), 8900 (Curve), 9630 (Tour).

Try Alarm Pro Free for Blackberry and if you like it you can purchase this app after expiration of trail period

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