Download BlipPlus, Location tracking application

Do you want to trace where your friends were last day? BlipPlus is the new development in social networking that finds out the location history of you and everyone in your network. All you need to do is to have an email id and a free BlipPlus account on your mobile . It also facilitates you to turn on security / privacy options whether to allow others to track you or not.

BlipPlus is compatible with BlackLines flagship product,GPS Snitch and tracking produts . This can prove highly effective in vehicle tracking.You can also publish and share geo-tagged photos with others.The company claims BlipPlus to have been already used by tens of thousands of Blackberry users. This application is gaining tremendous interest from Blackberry users and might also attract the Apple users .

Download BlipPlus for Blackberry Phones and iPhone

blipplus gps application

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