Download TwitCal, Calender App for iPhone

TwitCal is a calendar app for the iPhone/iPod touch. With TwitCal you can Create, Edit, Share, Tweet and Follow events with just few clicks. Some of the features of TwitCal are:
  • Automatically tweet your Birthdays, Anniversary, Events etc from your calender.
  • Import tweeted events into your calender.
  • Follow your family or friend's calender.
  • Easily manage multiple calendars through twitter.
  • Share event information with friends.
  • Sync with Google Calender.
  • Multiple views depending on day, list, week, month etc.
  • Supports 6 international languages.
But this app don't come for free, you can download TwitCal from itunes for $2.99. If you are a regular event goer and twitter user, this app is definitely worth to buy.
calender app iphone screenshot
twitcal iphone app

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