iPhone: Meteo 360 Augmented Reality App Preview

Meteo 360, a weather and augmented reality App for iPhone is developed by Xiaprojects.

Meteo360 lets you see the weather on your location using GPS. You can also check the weather 15-30-50 km around you.

The application has three modes of operation flat, sky & 360°.
  • In flat mode, the iPhone is positioned horizontally, it displays your location on a map, weather in cardinal directions on a mobile compass.
  • In Sky mode, you can simply point the iPhone to the sky to see the current weather on your location using GPS.
  • In 360° mode, which is activated in upright position the device, enter in augmented reality mode. This allows you, pointing the device in any direction, to get the weather information at a distance of 15 km. It supported to expand view to 30km and 50km by icons on right bar.
The application will be soon available on iTunes App Store. Follow Xiaprojects and participate in the contest to get Meteo360 for Free on the first day of Sale.

Check out the Video Preview of Meteo360 app below:

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