Download SPB TV for iPhone and iPad

SPB Software, a leading mobile applications and games developer recently announced the release of SPB TV for iPhone. The SPB TV App was already released for other platforms and its a big it. The ability of the software to watch more than 120 channels makes it a useful application.The application supports must-have TV features, such as a TV browser with quick channel previews, an instantly accessible TV guide for all offered channels, quick channel switching and more.

With the arrival of SPB TV for iPhone, SPB Software expands the list of supported platforms (including also Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian), at the same time starting a new line of TV 2.0 apps - free-of-charge, no-subscription-fee programs supported with advertising revenues. Ads in SPB TV 2.0 are still and unobtrusive, lasting only the amount of time necessary to buffer the stream when starting a channel
SPB TV app iPhoneSPB TV for iPhone Features:
  • Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture)
  • Integrated TV guide
  • Video-on-demand
  • A wide selection of public TV channels
  • Adaptive network bandwidth control
Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch and Apple iPad devices with firmware version 3.0

Download SPB TV from iTunes Link. The app is completely free of cost.

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