WolframAlpha iPhone App Price Dropped by 96%

Yes thats true, WolframAlpha which released their iPhone app for $49.99 in October 2009 has now dropped its price to just $1.99. Thats a 96% reduction in the price. Further WolframAlpha announced that for all the people who purchased the app for $49.99 or discounted $19.99 during holiday season will get the full refund. As per the reports, 10000 copies of the app were sold with the older price. Its not that bad, further it generated a revenue equal to 100k copies sold with $1.99 price. But I guess the company wants to reach wider with this iPhone app.

wolfram alpha iPhone app
For just $1.99, Wolfram Alpha iPhone App is worthy to buy. Download Wolfram Alpha iPhone App from iTunes Link.

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