LG Eve Hands-on Video

Phil@AndroidCentral takes a brief look at the LG Eve(GW620) at Google IO. Check out the hands on video of LG Eve.

Best Twitter Android Apps Download

twitter android appsIf you have an Android phone and you like Twitter - you absolutely need these amazing four twitter android apps for your phone! We all know by now that the Android Marketplace is becoming one of the best and most favorite place to go. And like most people, you probably do a lot of twitter postings. This is obviously one of the bigger social networks besides Facebook, and with good reason! Sometimes it's hard to choose the best apps because there are so many, but listed here, are four of the best ones (in my opinion).

First in the list is Twitta. This is actually a very light-weight app, but it has a ton of awesome features. You can search for people, look at other people's tweets, and of course follow and unfollow. You also have the default features as well such as sending DMs, replying via tweet and you can also receive Android notifications.

Second is Twidroid! Like most all of the apps that are available on the Internet right now, this one is completely free. It has a really clean user interface and it's incredibly easy to use. You can tweet your friends, upload images, read hot topics, retweet, send DMs, and so much more!

Third in the list is Twitli. This has other features that all the other apps have, but it has another unique feature that the other apps might not have - it's compatible with Laconia (which is a micro-blogging service for users in Canada). You can also translate into various languages using this app as well. The one negative thing about this app, is that it has no character count, which frankly is a little odd since Twitter is all about the characters you type!

Lastly, we have Twitter Ride. This is like all the others, but it's VERY quick to refresh, which really makes it unlike all the other slow apps in the industry. You can obviously reply to tweets, DM, add urls, upload photos and this one actually has a character count - thank god!

To download any of the above Twitter Apps for Android, Just visit Android Market on your mobile phone and search for the above mentioned names.

Download Amazon Application for iPad!

If you are looking to get it on the action resulting from the sale of the iPad, you now have a new reason altogether! The new Amazon has recently released its expected mobile application finally! The application for the newest apple toy had as much fanfare as one would expect it to have! The application allows users to search and research products offered on Amazon and their other partners. It also includes an array of features that most customers of Amazon have come to expect which include best selling book data, daily deals, product info on some of your favorite products and of course recommendations and user reviews - which are really important to a lot of us!

The initial soft launch happened at the end of April, the app also let people manage their various wish lists and preview songs and movie trailers. It also lets you browse various new releases. Like the website online, the application also lets users do 1 click processing and Amazon Prime Tools. If you've ever used 1 Click purchasing, you know that it makes your shopping life online SO much easier and quicker - it's all about saving time. You can also view tracking orders on this app as well, which is another important feature to its users.
amazon ipad applicationSam Hall, the director of Amazon Mobile says that following the soft launch, they took customers feedback in order to build an even better app - one that was not only fun to use, but also intuitive as well. Sam says that this specific application allows for a very creative, unique and customer experience which brings the iPad to a whole other level.

Well Sam, we have to agree with you! Amazon really played their cards right as well since they debuted their app a few weeks after the iPad initially came out. Its estimated by Apple that over 1 Million units was sold in 4 weeks time! That is amazing! You can view and test out the application by simply visiting the new iPad Apple Store right online and downloading it for free!

AT&T Palm Pre Plus better than Verizon's Phone!

Palm pre plusMost of those who already have the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon Wireless could have already pleased with the results. The hardware was a little confusing to get used to, but now I am quite comfortable using it. I also love the OS on it, it's probably one of the best ones out there right now. The Palm Pre Plus is finally coming to the US carriers soon, more specifically AT&T. It should be a hit, especially considering they are allowing a 2 year contract for only $149.99! The hardware and OS on the AT&T carrier are pretty much the same as they are on the Verizon version, but the keyboard on the AT&T version is actually more user-friendly and easier to use. AT&T will also be including a free TouchStone with purchase of the phone. I have a few of these charging docks and I absolutely LOVE them. There is no Wifi- Hot Spot on the AT&T version which is probably the reason a lot of Palm users are keeping their Verizon phone. You do get a branded TeleNav client for the AT&T Navigator and its supposed to work pretty darn well, or so I heard! AT&T is also supposed to be releasing the new iPhone as well in about 2 months or so. It's going to be pretty interesting watching the sales statistics from the iPhone versus the Palm Pre Plus.

via zdnet

Dell Mini 5 Soon To Be Released By AT&T In The US

Dell Mini 5The founder of Dell, Michael Dell has recently previewed the new Dell Mini 5 while he had his key note speech at the recent Citrix Synergy conference. Michael Dell also supplied the launch details and said that this new tablet would start production in Europe and US will get the launch later on with AT&T. This is a very small Android based tablet which has also been called the Streak. It features, obviously, a 5 inch screen which is a touchscreen by the way with an amazing 800x480 resolution. It also includes the 3G connectivity, Wi-fi, and multiple cameras used for video conferencing and taking photographs. The demo showed at Citrix will run the virtualization client called Citrix Receiver which would allow the user to control the desktop applications remotely. It would also be manufactured using a variety of standard Android apps as well. The price has yet to be announced, nor have the specific dates for production in Europe or the US, so we will just have to wait and see about that!

LG KS660 Review

If you are looking for a nice mobile phone that has a touch screen and is good for both fun and business - the LG KS660 just might be the phone you have been searching for! The LG KS660 comes in only one color - black. Some people might like this, some people might not buy it for that instance alone. The LG KS660 has a very nice touch screen that is 3inches and has a smaller resolution of 240x400. It's smaller than you might be used to, but it still boasts an amazing 262,000 colors. The actual size of the device is a mere 105mm x55mm x 15mm which is pretty small and very light weight at only 110grams.

LG KS660 ReviewThis is one of those phones that was specifically designed to be able to fit into a pocket or purse - great usage for the user. The LG KS660 also runs a tri-band GSM 900X1900 & 1900. The file transfer can be used two different ways. You can either use the Bluetooth V2.0 or you can use the USB V2.0 on the phone itself. The main connectivity features of the phone include an EDGE Class 10 and a GPRS Class 12. The entertainment side of this mobile phone has an array of supportive file formats for both the music player (MP3, WMA, RA, and AAC+) and video player (MP4, H.263, H.264 and RV).

It also incorporated a FM stereo. As with most of the phones available today, it also includes a 5 mega pixel camera with a pretty high resolution - 2592 x 1944 pixels. It also includes a few extra "specials" that other phones might not such as LED flash, Auto Focusing, Photo Album with video gallery view and the recording variables include 15FPS. If you love to message on your phone you will love the text, SMS, MMS, EMS and email option along with the business features which include dual SIM, organizer, alarm clock, calendar, voice memo, phone book, hands free speakers, doc viewer and so much more.

With a phone that has this many apps and features one would hope it would have an amazing amount of space and thankfully it does. The LG KS660 has 85MB of memory, you can also integrate a MicroSD memory card if this isn't enough room for you! The battery life on the LG KS660 is a little lower than one would expect - it's a mere 3 hours of time time, but it does have 250 hours of standby time.

Android 2.2 'Froyo' Adds Tethering And Hotspot Apps

Some recent rumors are going on about the screen shots taken from the Android 2.2 Froyo which reveal a few different features that are about to appear on the Google Smartphone platform. The two biggest ones that people are really uproarious about are the capabilities to add tethering and also to create Wi-fi hot spots on the go. Tethering would allow the user to connect the Android to their communication device such as a PC or laptop and share a data connection.

The second feature, obviously the ability to create a Wi-fi hot spot is very similar to tethering because it allows the devices to share a data connection, but this time you don't have to use a connector - no wired, no USB hubs. Nothing! Of course with both of these features you have to question the functionality, design and usability. For example, what we all want to know is if the user will have control over all these features or will it be up to the Network carrier to add them through the bundle? One of the things a lot of people are worried about with the tethering and Wi-fi option, is that with most carriers they will charge per each use.

So, if the Android comes with this option (for free), then will the carrier kill this or make us pay? Or, will they follow the design and let us use it for free? Frankly, while the carrier might be losing out on cash for letting users use it for free, they could be gaining new customers as well.

Nokia X2 Finally Approved By The FCC

Nokia X2 was approved by the FCC to be used in the US but it is still not available for purchase. The incredibly cheap device known as the Nokia X2 is a GSM/EDGE only phone and it's a quad-band connection which means it can only be used on NON-CDMA carriers such as Rogers, t-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. Of course just because the FCC did approve the Nokia X2 doesn't necessarily mean it will be for sale in the market in the United States, however, with the merging markets, if it would be for sale in the US, now they don't have to go through any of the usual red tape. The Nokia company specifically made the Nokia X2 for these merging markets.
Nokia x2 phone.JPG
The phone does feature a smaller screen at only 2.2 inches, but it still includes all the other extras you would expect to come from a device such as this such as S40 UI, Blue tooth Stereo, headset jack (thank god), FM radio, Opera Mini, Micro Sd support and of course the standard 5MP camera with LED flash. Surprisingly enough the Nokia X2 is only about 85 GBP and will be available in India in June/July of this year - no announcements yet on if it will be presented to the US consumers, but one can hope!

Download Office Mobile 2010 FREE

If you are looking for a really cool download for using your mobile device for a lot of business activities, you have to visit the Windows Phone Marketplace for Office Mobile. Surprisingly enough this little app is completely free, and it just got out of BETA testing so you know it works! If you already have Office Mobile on your cell phone as an older update, you can just upgrade the newer one.
mobile office 2010 download.JPG
Office Mobile brings in an array of new versions for the App including Power Point, Share Point, One Note and of course Excel. It also comes with a really sleek interface and user design which is centered on the best interaction and support for the presentations from PowerPoint which you are able to edit out straight from the phone. The Power Point app lets you view presentation notes on your cell phone as it would be if you were using it right on your PC or laptop. Plus, you can use PowerPoint Mobile to view movie slides as well.

Download Office Mobile 2010 , if you have an older version just update it now.

Android Phones Free Applications Download

All Android phones can be quickly and easily tailored with various Apps from the built-in Android Marketplace. This marketplace features an array of FREE and commercially made applications that do everything from editing docs to exposing hidden preferences. Within the marketplace you have well over 30,000 apps to choose from. But, how do you know which ones you should have on your phone? Well, listed here are the top ten best apps for the Android. Remember, all of these apps are completely free so use as many as you want! These Free apps can be used on Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, HTC Droid Incredible and lots of other Android devices.

Imeem Mobile: First in line is the Imeem Mobile - terrific for all you music lovers out there. The Imeem will place or stream music using your phones SD card. There are various ways to listen to the media once you have created an account - which is also free by the way. You can either upload tracks from your hard drive, you can create radio stations using the same smart data that last.fm uses to "customize" your music tastes, or you can listen to pre-set stations that have been integrated by Imeem Employees. One of the coolest things about this app, is that the music or media will continuously play, even when you have other apps going on at the same time.

Picsay: Second, we have the Picsay. This unique little app lets you edit photos right from your phone. This is a substantial app considering a lot of the time you cannot edit anything let alone modify photos using cell phones. You can also add balloon chat, text and various styles and colors as well as various shapes to the photos. Once your photo is done you can send it via email, SMS, MMS, upload it to Google's Picasa, set it as your cell phone background, or you can upload it to your blog or social network!
Picsay Android App.JPG
Shop Savvy: Third on the list is the Shop Savvy. This is a Japanese app that can help you in finding the best deals online! All you have to do is enter the name or scan the bar code of the item, let Shop Savvy search its indexes for the product, and it will tell you the best place(s) to buy the item for the best price (including shipping and handling fees). It's almost like having your own personal shopper right on your cell phone. This is going to be a hugely used app considering over 96% of people in the US have either shopped online or do so regularly.
shop savvy android app.JPG
Twidroid: Fourth on the list is the Twidroid. Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter have surpassed Myspace as of late, and with this app you can do an array of activities right from your phone. This app allows you to send tweets, read tweets, send replies, DMs, follow and unfollow individuals, etc. You can also capture GPS info and send it into your tweet, geotag photos, plus it offers the usual URL shortening and picture hosting options as well.
twidroid android app.JPG
Advanced Task Killer:Fifth is the Advanced Task Killer Free. Most of the apps on the droids are really interesting, and you might find that you have a few dozen open at once. This ends up sucking up a lot of your CPU memory (just like on a computer) and can make you lag! That's why an app like the Advanced Task Killer Free 1.5.1 is so important. This will allow you to "auto kill" any app you have running. You can also upgrade for $5 to get extra features, but most people say the free one is just as good!
Advanced task killer AndroidAP Mobile: Sixth is the AP Mobile - a super app for people that like to stay in the loop - especially when it comes to updated news going on around the world. This app will allow you to view and receive a steady stream of updated news in almost every single category you can think of! You can also see videos as well, which is always a plus. Better than the other newspaper apps out there, this one actually tells you what you want to know rather than what you don't.

Astrid: Seventh in line is the Astrid. This is without a doubt one of my favorites. Why? Well, I'm big on organization and to-do tasks. I look and use my Google Desktop gadget "to do" list several times a day. But, when I'm away from my computer, this Astrid 2.10.0 app is the best thing since white bread. You can start put with simple to do tasks, but you can also tag tasks, set various priorities depending on the task, assign dates and a whole array of reminders. You can also set a timer which tells you how long it took you to complete each task!
Astrid Android app
Google Sky Map: Eighth is the Google Sky Map - pretty self-explanatory. Have you ever seen a star at night or a set of stars and wondered what constellation it was? This map will help you name all kinds of stars, planets and constellations above you. Pretty neat! All you have to do is use your phone GPS locate to point where your location is and it will give you a map of the exact location where you are. Then, point your phone up at the sky and it will display the name and location of the brightest stars in the sky. Definitely fun, but also very educational as well!
Check out the below video to know more about Google Sky Map.

Google Voice: Ninth on the list is the Google Voice. I have this on my computer and it is super nifty. On top of being able to listen to voice mails from your computer and receive text messages through your computer, you can also be "beeped" if you set up Google Voice using your cell phone number. You can also have your incoming calls transferred from your google voice to your phone. If you choose to not pick the call up, it will be set to your google voice or cell phone voice mail depending on how you set it up. You can also make international calls from Google voice for Android at competitive rates.
Google voice Android.JPGMeebo IM: And lastly, we have the Meebo IM. If you like being organized and you also belong to an array of social instant messaging services, then you will love this! With this, you get AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google and ICQ. But, it also is compatible with all the Social networks as well such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace IM. A superb way to keep in contact with ALL your friends on ALL the major networks! You can even keep a multitude of convos going on at the same time.

Meebo Android.JPG
There are several other useful applications like Pandora Radio, Photoshop mobile, Ringdroid, TuneWiki etc for Android powered phones.

To download any of the above application just go to the Android marketplace and search for the respective application.

Acer Liquid E For $79.99 with 3 year contract

Listen, we all know that Acer is one of the leading consumer brands as far as computers and laptops go. But, who would have thought they would also be dabbling in Smart Phones too?!? Pretty amazing, and if their prices and functionality are as good as their laptops, we can expect these guys to be a big leader in the Smart Phone industry as well. The Android 2.1 powered Acer Liquid E has been spotted as of late in an inventory listing for Rogers. Right now if you get that contract with Rogers it's said to cost about $79.99 for a three year contract. Not bad.

Of course you always have the option to forgo the contract, but then the phone is $350! That's a pretty big difference! The Android Smart phone from Acer comes with the following additions: 3.5 inch touch screen, HSDPA, Wifi, GPS, headset jack (of course), and a 5MP camera. If that weren't enough, you can also find a pretty roomy 256MB RAM, along with 512ROM and a Snapdragon CPU to boot!

The listing price for the Acer Smart phone has neither been confirmed nor denied by Acer, so your guess is as good as mine as to when it's finally going to be released, but when it does - watch out! This going to be a doozy!

Meanwhile check out the Hands on video of Acer Liquid E:

Best iPhone Apps For World Cup Fans!

If you love the FIFA World Cup and you want to keep up-to-date on all the news surrounding the world cup, you gotta have the best apps to keep you in the loop! Here are the top 5 best World Cup apps for the Apple iPhone!

First on the list is the Fifa 10 For iPhone. Just like the real Fifa 10, this app is a simulator that allows you to play in various games around the World leagues. Everything from the Brazilian League on over to the Scottish Premier League! You can also choose from an array of International teams, and compete for the ultimate in prizes - the FIFA World Cup! But the app costs $6.99 at iTunes.

Second on the list is the X2Football 2009. While it doesn't have the brand reverence that FIFA does, it does have the game play! This is yet another soccer simulation app that feels and looks just like Pro Evolution Soccer. If you have ever played a game on your phone or your gaming console, this concept will feel very familiar. While this app is pretty awesome, you will have to fully upgrade in order to play full-matches.

Third on the list is the Football Manager Handheld. This is one of the newer apps (2010) and offers amazing in-depth originality. Ultimately you can take control of over 34 leagues over 11 different countries! You can also choose from different tactics, choose which formations you want, issue the team and individual directions, scout players for the team and even make transfers. This is by far one of the most "real" apps out there. It really lets you get IN the game!

Fourth on the list is an app called ESPN 2010 World Cup. The name says it all - its ESPN, its gotta be awesome, right?!? This particular app has so much information it will have your head spinning like a top! This is one of the better ways to actually follow the Live Cup. You can also choose from a variety of categories on the main screen such as Teams, History and News. This app is completely Free.

Fifth on the list is an app that lets you get a little closer to the action - the South Africa 2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker. This particular app is specifically designed to let YOU get minute by minute coverage on all your favorite games. This app also delivers a special feature called GameCast. This feature is really going to let you see what happens on your iPhone as it happens in the game - completely live! All news is delivered via a FIFA RSS feed, so if you have this app you are going to be one of the first and few people that know about all the ins and outs of the game!
iphone apps

Download Square App, a mobile payment processor

As time goes by technology gets more and more advanced! Now, with the software called Square, you can expect to make mobile payments quicker and easier through your mobile phone. This is some serious business! Square is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices. The only thing you need in order to get started is to have a credit card. The Square is the credit card reader. Think of those scanners you used to find in grocery stores that would scan off various items for the stock boys. This works in same way. While a lot of companies and businesses are not offering Square right now, they will plan to in the very near future.

The Square is actually giving out the reader for free believe it or not. The thing you have to pay for is the actual transactions which are very competitive at just 2.75% of the transaction and $0.15 for all credit cards. I'm positive you could find a variety of ways to utilize a service such as this. It also seems like it would be a really nice option for businesses or for people that do merchant selling online, but they don't want to have to deal with payment processors like Paypal, and they don't want to deal with less trustworthy options like checks!

Download Square Mobile App for iPhone or Nexus One or Droid.

Check out the below video for more info:

Nokia X6 Review: Its for Music Lovers!

Most of us that are interested in the technology world, or more specifically the cell phone world, know that cell phone are manufactured and produced under a certain precedence. For example, for a person that LOVES music and wants an Mp3 Cell phone, they might want to choose something like the Nokia X6. For a person that is more into a business phone they might want to choose something with great apps, awesome programs installed on the phone, and tons of functionality - something like the iPhone or Blackberry.
nokia x6If you like music and you plan on using your cell phone as a primary option for all things music the Nokia X6 is definitely the way to go. It enables MP3, WMA, EA, AAC, WAV and M4A extensions and it has a brand name (Nokia) to boot. Nokia was founded in Tampere, Finland (1865) - so you know it's a company that will outlast all others. Not only is this a superb option for music extensions and various types of media, but it also has a 3.2 Touchscreen, an incredibly sleek look, and on top of that it has a 5MP camera. It also includes a radio for those of you that want a more convenient way to listen to music, and you can also add games to the cell phone through USB.

Unlike other phones where you have to either have quality or functionality, this one has both - along with a battery backup which lasts up to 8 hours long and has a standby of up to 400 hours! You also get Symbian OS, 5CPU ARM processors, IMing, Emailing, SMS, MMS, Maps, Wifi, etc. Overall, this cell phone isn't just for music lovers, it's for media lovers alike.

Send SMS Easily with VoicePredict

VoicePredict Messaging Application is the first truly multimodal user interface that assists users to send SMS easily with voice. Check out the below video for sending SMS message with VoicePredict Application from start to finish.

Download the application from Windows Marketplace.

Bing Maps gets Voice Navigation Update

While Microsoft, as per usual, is marching forward with the Windows Phone 7, Windows mobile is still testing its grounds with Bing. One of the newest updates for Microsoft's search APP was updated for Windows Mobile version 6 and newer. This update includes a neat little addition in the GPS world - one that includes turn-by-turn directions and has voice integration navigation!
Bing Maps windows
I bet you can't name too many phones that do this and do it with such ease and functionality. This is a really nice option for "hands free" directions. The following handsets that can use this nifty app are as follows: HTC Fuze, Pure, HD2, Tilt 2, Touch Diamond 2 Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, Motorola Q9c, Samsung Jack, Omnia II, Propel, and the T-Mobile Dash 3G. The only downside to this is that it's only for US carriers, however, as with most other apps, we are assured that soon it will be following along with International Carriers as well.

To download the app just go to m.bing.com/download in your mobile browser.

Why is The Samsung Wave S8500 Such A Sought After Phone?

Manufactures of cell phones always need to be on their toes when it comes to creating a new phone. There are hundreds of cell phones out there right now and each one offers something different. And they have. If all of them offered the same thing, then the cell phone like the Samsung Wave S8500 wouldn't be as popular! The same old same old is boring.

But, when you start adding in features like the Bada OS that the Samsung Wave S8500 offers, you begin to understand. The Samsung Bada offers a 3.3 AMOLED touchscreen (which is really in style right now, hello, iPhone!), a TouchWiz 3.0, GPS, 720 HD video recording allowabilities and is named as being one of the most usable and functional smart phones available right now. The President of Samsung Electronics, has been quoted as saying that one of the main purposes of the Samsung Wave S8500 is that it be one of the most connected and innovated phones on the market.
samsung wave s8500
Some of the other key features for the Samsung Wave S8500 include 5.0MP camera, 1GHz processor which is integrated with a Social Hub, IM, and SNS. Also, a bluetooth 3.0, Wifi connectivity with virtual surround sound and of course the Samsung apps that are so popular such as games, navigation, Social Networking, and ebooks capabilities. With a phone like this, there is no guessing. You know what you get right off the bat and you know exactly why, from the few features listed above, why its so popular!

HTC max 4G or a Cloned device?

htc max 4gWith cell phones popping up left and right these days, it seems more and more manufactures in the Clone World are trying to outsmart the original proteges. But, to me honest when it comes to anything of luxury, you simply can't fake it. It's almost like trying to compare a $500 bottle of aged wine versus a cheap $5 substitute. While some people that don't drink wine all the time might not know the difference, most anyone with a palate will.

Cell phones that are cloned are the same way. You might be saving a few hundred dollars, but in the end you are skipping out on all the reasons people buy the phone in the first place! Take the HTC max 4G. While this phone is a whopping $800-ish dollars, it also comes with cutting-edge technology one simply cannot fake. If technology isn't really that important to you, you could consider taking a look at the Yota MAX4G Pro HD2. It has a price tag of about $600 less, and it does have a few nice little functions such as the Samsung CPU, 512 RAM and 256M Rom, Windows 6.5 Mobile OS, Wifi, 5.MP camera, GPS built into the phone and a 3.5mm sound jack. In the end, if you want a cheap replica without the horsepower of a Lamborghini - go with the clone. Personally for me? You can take the phone and clone the heck out of it, but the original is always going to be the better route!

The LG GT540 - You Really Can Have It All!

While the LG GT540 is a cell phone, you would think with all the features and the name alone that this name is a muscle car or some luxury car like a BMW. It's actually one of the most sought after cell phones and it's really no wonder considering it brings functionality and usability to the table. Let's face it, there are a lot of really nice cell phones out there right now, but usually you have to choose between functionality and usability. Usually you can't have both, but now you can!lg mobile phone
One of the coolest things about the LG GT540 is how you connect to the cell network and the Internet. The first way is by utilizing a EDGE and GPRS. Also, HSDPA is available - and at 7.2Mbps with a 3G network. If that weren't enough, if you are in a location where a wireless router or Wi-fi is into play, the cell will also pick up these networking options too. The screen amazingly enough is 3 inches wide and it offers a whopping 256,000 colors which incorporates an accelerometer for auto rate. The actual look of the LG GT540 is referred to as having a somewhat futuristic look and comes in white, black and pink! And of course it comes with the usual standard camera at 3.15 Mega Pixels and really does capture high-quality photos. So, if you want a phone that really does offer it all, but you also want a phone that fits your price budget, the LG GT540 is definitely THE way to go!

Wanna play PlayStation Games On Your Cell Phone?

Well now you can! It's amazing how far technology has come! If you love to play games like you would on your PlayStation, the HTC HD2 now offers a download which will allow you to do just that. This download known as the FPSECE or First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE is completely free. It's not available for every single game just yet - they seem to still be working out some of the kinks, but there are quite a few games it does work on.

playstation games on htc hd2
So far, the list count is 300 games some of which are games such as Tekken, Twisted Metal and of course the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto! You can visit the FPSECE website to see the entire list. Like most other emulators available, this one seems to work pretty good and has a pretty sweet frame rate as well. One disadvantage to downloading this emulator is that you will need a lot of space on your memory card, but overall this seems like a pretty awesome deal for all the game lovers out there.

Android ported on Nokia N900 Video

Check out the first demo of android port to nokia n900, showing general android features.

Download Touch Mouse App for iPhone

Touch Mouse by Logitech turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless Mouse and keyboard for your computer. Do you connect your computer to your TV? Touch Mouse is the perfect solution for when you want to stay in control from the comfort of your couch. Point, click, scroll and type in any application—on a Mac or a PC.
Touch Mouse works over Wi-Fi, so you can use it anywhere in the house. And to make typing easier, text is displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch as you type, so you can see what you’re doing without having to continually look up and down.
touch mouse iphone appSome of the features of this app are:
  • Multi-touch trackpad with option for two or three buttons.
  • Two-finger scrolling.
  • Keyboard with modifier keys.
  • On-screen text display while typing.
  • Show or hide the keyboard at any time.
  • Trackpad and keyboard are available in landscape and portrait modes.
Download Touch Mouse from iTunes link.

Attention Developers: Samsung Releases Bada OS

Samsung, like most other cell phones out there has its own OS platform called Bada OS. This particular platform is one of the most talked about OSs for the last few months and for good reason. This OS supports Adobe Flash Player, and it has the facial recognition software built into it as well. Not many phones have facial recognition features, and the ones that do, are incredibly expensive.

The Samsung Wave was one of the very first cell phones released with the Bada OS incorporated in it. Since then, Samsung has not released any other phones in the meantime, but they have launched a search for SDK developers in order to take this already amazing OS to a whole 'nother level. Developers wanting to download the OS can simply visit the Samsung website and sign up for free! Just think, YOU could be one of the developers that advances this OS and you would get all the recognition!

For more information visit Bada Developers site.

Android 2.2 Now With Adobe Flash

If you know anything about being on the Internet via cell phone or computer, you know that you need to have certain specifications to get the most out of your device. When it came to the Android 2.2, Google as they often are, was the front-runner for deciding to use full support for Adobe Flash Player. Even better it has support for Flash Player 10.1 which is the newest flash player available in the Adobe line.android flash support
In past news, Andy Rubin the VP of Engineering promised that this Droid would have standard flash available on the next version. Though many fans of the Droid were happy to hear about it, many were disbelieving! The only thing fans don't know is when this new Android is coming out, and chances are it doesn't matter who's arm you bend, you won't be able to find out a date any time soon. A lot of rumors say that it will be coming out in late May 2010 or early June 2010.

Sprint Offering The New HTC Evo 4G ?

One step closer to mankind the new HTC EVO 4G was recently cleared by the FCC just in time for conditioning units to be shipped to stores world-wide. This original registration was caught by the guys over at engadget who initially detected a WiMax and CDMA for Sprints databands. While the consumer outlet is filled to the brim with cell phones these days, the HTC EVO 4G is about to change cell phones as we know it.

htc evo 4g pho
This isn't just any phone - it has some of the best features that those other phones can't compare with. Such as the front-facing camera, the first with an HDMI-output jack, and 4G capabilities should please a lot of fans looking to get more out of their mobile data points. Sprint is now readier than ever and they have started their training regimen since the launch for this spectacular phone is this summer. All of the training materials for this phone are all digitalized and will come with an array of the ever-popular apps such as the ones that Apple iPhone offers. There is also a confirmed FM radio, in which the kickstand may act like an antenna for the radio. The main target for the phone cell plans are more or less directed towards people that use Mobile Hotspot, which if you have ever looked into this or have it, you know it's merely a luxury item - costing around $150 for a two year plan.

3D on Nokia N900 Video

This video shows a 3D effect on N900 that was first publicized by Johnny Lee who used a Wiimote. It is achieved by tracking the user's head and adjusting the camera through which the scene is viewed accordingly. The device's screen appears to be a window into a virtual world.

Pill iPhone App lets you to take care of your health

If you own the new iPhone you know that one of the BEST benefits of having the iPhone is the APPS. Other cell phones might have an option like APPS, but it really couldn't compare to what iPhone offers. For people that are looking for a new app to add to their phone, you might want to take a look at the Pill Phone app, brought to you by VOCEL. Of course this is only available on select phones, but any iPhone user can participate in this app. As with most other apps on the iPhone it is very easy to set up!

The first thing you need to do is create a full-list of all the medications you take, while doing this, you will allow yourself to set up a schedule so you know when to take each dose. When the "alarm" scheduled appears, you would simple click the reminder using the "push notifications" option. Then, after you take the reminder pill as scheduled you can set it for snooze, just like a regular alarm clock, this will allow you to resend the reminder 30 minutes later. All of the reminders and alarms are available as a Medication Admin Record which can be found on PillPhone.com.

Furthermore, if you miss a dosage, you can also set it up so that a family member will receive the reminder as well through SMS text message or email. This is a super option for children that have older parents or grandparents that "forget" to take their medicines. This is like having a pill box, alarm, and safety net all in one simple app!

It also includes a comprehensive drug resource based on the best selling guide, The Pill Book.
iPhone The Pill app
Some of the features of the app are:
  • Provides visual/audible alerts for each medication dose.
  • Tracks/stores pill-taking records on a secure Web site accessible by patient and care managers.
  • Alerts care manager if patient misses scheduled medication dose.
  • Shows what pills look like.
  • Confirms dose was taken.
  • Displays potential side effects.
  • Mobile access to generic ingredients, cautions, possible side effects, drug interactions, and food interactions.
The app comes for just $1.99 and its definitely a worthy app for all those who are concerned about taking pills at regular intervals. Download the app from iTunes link.


Download Adecco Jobs iPhone App

The Adecco iPhone application is the staffing industry’s premier tool to search jobs, apply for career opportunities, locate branches and get the best career news content on the web!

As the world leader in staffing and recruiting services, Adecco connects more people to more jobs than any other company. This app will help users quickly search for the job of their choice through keyword or category searches and easily sort results using Google Maps or scrolling features. The app also utilizes the phone’s geo-location capabilities to enhance the search process.
job search iphone app.JPGOnce a job is found, users can apply using their current AdeccoUSA.com account – the only industry app on the market that integrates a user’s online profile. The Adecco iPhone also allows job seekers to save favorites, email jobs to a personal email account, share across their favorite social media sites, and even locate their local Adecco branch office.

Finally, users can also take advantage of the great career news content to get the latest, real-time advice on the job market, hiring trends, interview advice and much more. Be sure to use this app to power your next job search!

Download Adecco Jobs iPhone App from iTunes.

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