Acer Liquid E For $79.99 with 3 year contract

Listen, we all know that Acer is one of the leading consumer brands as far as computers and laptops go. But, who would have thought they would also be dabbling in Smart Phones too?!? Pretty amazing, and if their prices and functionality are as good as their laptops, we can expect these guys to be a big leader in the Smart Phone industry as well. The Android 2.1 powered Acer Liquid E has been spotted as of late in an inventory listing for Rogers. Right now if you get that contract with Rogers it's said to cost about $79.99 for a three year contract. Not bad.

Of course you always have the option to forgo the contract, but then the phone is $350! That's a pretty big difference! The Android Smart phone from Acer comes with the following additions: 3.5 inch touch screen, HSDPA, Wifi, GPS, headset jack (of course), and a 5MP camera. If that weren't enough, you can also find a pretty roomy 256MB RAM, along with 512ROM and a Snapdragon CPU to boot!

The listing price for the Acer Smart phone has neither been confirmed nor denied by Acer, so your guess is as good as mine as to when it's finally going to be released, but when it does - watch out! This going to be a doozy!

Meanwhile check out the Hands on video of Acer Liquid E:

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