Android 2.2 'Froyo' Adds Tethering And Hotspot Apps

Some recent rumors are going on about the screen shots taken from the Android 2.2 Froyo which reveal a few different features that are about to appear on the Google Smartphone platform. The two biggest ones that people are really uproarious about are the capabilities to add tethering and also to create Wi-fi hot spots on the go. Tethering would allow the user to connect the Android to their communication device such as a PC or laptop and share a data connection.

The second feature, obviously the ability to create a Wi-fi hot spot is very similar to tethering because it allows the devices to share a data connection, but this time you don't have to use a connector - no wired, no USB hubs. Nothing! Of course with both of these features you have to question the functionality, design and usability. For example, what we all want to know is if the user will have control over all these features or will it be up to the Network carrier to add them through the bundle? One of the things a lot of people are worried about with the tethering and Wi-fi option, is that with most carriers they will charge per each use.

So, if the Android comes with this option (for free), then will the carrier kill this or make us pay? Or, will they follow the design and let us use it for free? Frankly, while the carrier might be losing out on cash for letting users use it for free, they could be gaining new customers as well.

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