Android 2.2 Now With Adobe Flash

If you know anything about being on the Internet via cell phone or computer, you know that you need to have certain specifications to get the most out of your device. When it came to the Android 2.2, Google as they often are, was the front-runner for deciding to use full support for Adobe Flash Player. Even better it has support for Flash Player 10.1 which is the newest flash player available in the Adobe flash support
In past news, Andy Rubin the VP of Engineering promised that this Droid would have standard flash available on the next version. Though many fans of the Droid were happy to hear about it, many were disbelieving! The only thing fans don't know is when this new Android is coming out, and chances are it doesn't matter who's arm you bend, you won't be able to find out a date any time soon. A lot of rumors say that it will be coming out in late May 2010 or early June 2010.

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