Attention Developers: Samsung Releases Bada OS

Samsung, like most other cell phones out there has its own OS platform called Bada OS. This particular platform is one of the most talked about OSs for the last few months and for good reason. This OS supports Adobe Flash Player, and it has the facial recognition software built into it as well. Not many phones have facial recognition features, and the ones that do, are incredibly expensive.

The Samsung Wave was one of the very first cell phones released with the Bada OS incorporated in it. Since then, Samsung has not released any other phones in the meantime, but they have launched a search for SDK developers in order to take this already amazing OS to a whole 'nother level. Developers wanting to download the OS can simply visit the Samsung website and sign up for free! Just think, YOU could be one of the developers that advances this OS and you would get all the recognition!

For more information visit Bada Developers site.

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