Best iPhone Apps For World Cup Fans!

If you love the FIFA World Cup and you want to keep up-to-date on all the news surrounding the world cup, you gotta have the best apps to keep you in the loop! Here are the top 5 best World Cup apps for the Apple iPhone!

First on the list is the Fifa 10 For iPhone. Just like the real Fifa 10, this app is a simulator that allows you to play in various games around the World leagues. Everything from the Brazilian League on over to the Scottish Premier League! You can also choose from an array of International teams, and compete for the ultimate in prizes - the FIFA World Cup! But the app costs $6.99 at iTunes.

Second on the list is the X2Football 2009. While it doesn't have the brand reverence that FIFA does, it does have the game play! This is yet another soccer simulation app that feels and looks just like Pro Evolution Soccer. If you have ever played a game on your phone or your gaming console, this concept will feel very familiar. While this app is pretty awesome, you will have to fully upgrade in order to play full-matches.

Third on the list is the Football Manager Handheld. This is one of the newer apps (2010) and offers amazing in-depth originality. Ultimately you can take control of over 34 leagues over 11 different countries! You can also choose from different tactics, choose which formations you want, issue the team and individual directions, scout players for the team and even make transfers. This is by far one of the most "real" apps out there. It really lets you get IN the game!

Fourth on the list is an app called ESPN 2010 World Cup. The name says it all - its ESPN, its gotta be awesome, right?!? This particular app has so much information it will have your head spinning like a top! This is one of the better ways to actually follow the Live Cup. You can also choose from a variety of categories on the main screen such as Teams, History and News. This app is completely Free.

Fifth on the list is an app that lets you get a little closer to the action - the South Africa 2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker. This particular app is specifically designed to let YOU get minute by minute coverage on all your favorite games. This app also delivers a special feature called GameCast. This feature is really going to let you see what happens on your iPhone as it happens in the game - completely live! All news is delivered via a FIFA RSS feed, so if you have this app you are going to be one of the first and few people that know about all the ins and outs of the game!
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