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twitter android appsIf you have an Android phone and you like Twitter - you absolutely need these amazing four twitter android apps for your phone! We all know by now that the Android Marketplace is becoming one of the best and most favorite place to go. And like most people, you probably do a lot of twitter postings. This is obviously one of the bigger social networks besides Facebook, and with good reason! Sometimes it's hard to choose the best apps because there are so many, but listed here, are four of the best ones (in my opinion).

First in the list is Twitta. This is actually a very light-weight app, but it has a ton of awesome features. You can search for people, look at other people's tweets, and of course follow and unfollow. You also have the default features as well such as sending DMs, replying via tweet and you can also receive Android notifications.

Second is Twidroid! Like most all of the apps that are available on the Internet right now, this one is completely free. It has a really clean user interface and it's incredibly easy to use. You can tweet your friends, upload images, read hot topics, retweet, send DMs, and so much more!

Third in the list is Twitli. This has other features that all the other apps have, but it has another unique feature that the other apps might not have - it's compatible with Laconia (which is a micro-blogging service for users in Canada). You can also translate into various languages using this app as well. The one negative thing about this app, is that it has no character count, which frankly is a little odd since Twitter is all about the characters you type!

Lastly, we have Twitter Ride. This is like all the others, but it's VERY quick to refresh, which really makes it unlike all the other slow apps in the industry. You can obviously reply to tweets, DM, add urls, upload photos and this one actually has a character count - thank god!

To download any of the above Twitter Apps for Android, Just visit Android Market on your mobile phone and search for the above mentioned names.

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