Bing Maps gets Voice Navigation Update

While Microsoft, as per usual, is marching forward with the Windows Phone 7, Windows mobile is still testing its grounds with Bing. One of the newest updates for Microsoft's search APP was updated for Windows Mobile version 6 and newer. This update includes a neat little addition in the GPS world - one that includes turn-by-turn directions and has voice integration navigation!
Bing Maps windows
I bet you can't name too many phones that do this and do it with such ease and functionality. This is a really nice option for "hands free" directions. The following handsets that can use this nifty app are as follows: HTC Fuze, Pure, HD2, Tilt 2, Touch Diamond 2 Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, Motorola Q9c, Samsung Jack, Omnia II, Propel, and the T-Mobile Dash 3G. The only downside to this is that it's only for US carriers, however, as with most other apps, we are assured that soon it will be following along with International Carriers as well.

To download the app just go to in your mobile browser.

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