Dell Mini 5 Soon To Be Released By AT&T In The US

Dell Mini 5The founder of Dell, Michael Dell has recently previewed the new Dell Mini 5 while he had his key note speech at the recent Citrix Synergy conference. Michael Dell also supplied the launch details and said that this new tablet would start production in Europe and US will get the launch later on with AT&T. This is a very small Android based tablet which has also been called the Streak. It features, obviously, a 5 inch screen which is a touchscreen by the way with an amazing 800x480 resolution. It also includes the 3G connectivity, Wi-fi, and multiple cameras used for video conferencing and taking photographs. The demo showed at Citrix will run the virtualization client called Citrix Receiver which would allow the user to control the desktop applications remotely. It would also be manufactured using a variety of standard Android apps as well. The price has yet to be announced, nor have the specific dates for production in Europe or the US, so we will just have to wait and see about that!

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