Download Amazon Application for iPad!

If you are looking to get it on the action resulting from the sale of the iPad, you now have a new reason altogether! The new Amazon has recently released its expected mobile application finally! The application for the newest apple toy had as much fanfare as one would expect it to have! The application allows users to search and research products offered on Amazon and their other partners. It also includes an array of features that most customers of Amazon have come to expect which include best selling book data, daily deals, product info on some of your favorite products and of course recommendations and user reviews - which are really important to a lot of us!

The initial soft launch happened at the end of April, the app also let people manage their various wish lists and preview songs and movie trailers. It also lets you browse various new releases. Like the website online, the application also lets users do 1 click processing and Amazon Prime Tools. If you've ever used 1 Click purchasing, you know that it makes your shopping life online SO much easier and quicker - it's all about saving time. You can also view tracking orders on this app as well, which is another important feature to its users.
amazon ipad applicationSam Hall, the director of Amazon Mobile says that following the soft launch, they took customers feedback in order to build an even better app - one that was not only fun to use, but also intuitive as well. Sam says that this specific application allows for a very creative, unique and customer experience which brings the iPad to a whole other level.

Well Sam, we have to agree with you! Amazon really played their cards right as well since they debuted their app a few weeks after the iPad initially came out. Its estimated by Apple that over 1 Million units was sold in 4 weeks time! That is amazing! You can view and test out the application by simply visiting the new iPad Apple Store right online and downloading it for free!

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