Download Square App, a mobile payment processor

As time goes by technology gets more and more advanced! Now, with the software called Square, you can expect to make mobile payments quicker and easier through your mobile phone. This is some serious business! Square is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices. The only thing you need in order to get started is to have a credit card. The Square is the credit card reader. Think of those scanners you used to find in grocery stores that would scan off various items for the stock boys. This works in same way. While a lot of companies and businesses are not offering Square right now, they will plan to in the very near future.

The Square is actually giving out the reader for free believe it or not. The thing you have to pay for is the actual transactions which are very competitive at just 2.75% of the transaction and $0.15 for all credit cards. I'm positive you could find a variety of ways to utilize a service such as this. It also seems like it would be a really nice option for businesses or for people that do merchant selling online, but they don't want to have to deal with payment processors like Paypal, and they don't want to deal with less trustworthy options like checks!

Download Square Mobile App for iPhone or Nexus One or Droid.

Check out the below video for more info:

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