HTC max 4G or a Cloned device?

htc max 4gWith cell phones popping up left and right these days, it seems more and more manufactures in the Clone World are trying to outsmart the original proteges. But, to me honest when it comes to anything of luxury, you simply can't fake it. It's almost like trying to compare a $500 bottle of aged wine versus a cheap $5 substitute. While some people that don't drink wine all the time might not know the difference, most anyone with a palate will.

Cell phones that are cloned are the same way. You might be saving a few hundred dollars, but in the end you are skipping out on all the reasons people buy the phone in the first place! Take the HTC max 4G. While this phone is a whopping $800-ish dollars, it also comes with cutting-edge technology one simply cannot fake. If technology isn't really that important to you, you could consider taking a look at the Yota MAX4G Pro HD2. It has a price tag of about $600 less, and it does have a few nice little functions such as the Samsung CPU, 512 RAM and 256M Rom, Windows 6.5 Mobile OS, Wifi, 5.MP camera, GPS built into the phone and a 3.5mm sound jack. In the end, if you want a cheap replica without the horsepower of a Lamborghini - go with the clone. Personally for me? You can take the phone and clone the heck out of it, but the original is always going to be the better route!

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