The LG GT540 - You Really Can Have It All!

While the LG GT540 is a cell phone, you would think with all the features and the name alone that this name is a muscle car or some luxury car like a BMW. It's actually one of the most sought after cell phones and it's really no wonder considering it brings functionality and usability to the table. Let's face it, there are a lot of really nice cell phones out there right now, but usually you have to choose between functionality and usability. Usually you can't have both, but now you can!lg mobile phone
One of the coolest things about the LG GT540 is how you connect to the cell network and the Internet. The first way is by utilizing a EDGE and GPRS. Also, HSDPA is available - and at 7.2Mbps with a 3G network. If that weren't enough, if you are in a location where a wireless router or Wi-fi is into play, the cell will also pick up these networking options too. The screen amazingly enough is 3 inches wide and it offers a whopping 256,000 colors which incorporates an accelerometer for auto rate. The actual look of the LG GT540 is referred to as having a somewhat futuristic look and comes in white, black and pink! And of course it comes with the usual standard camera at 3.15 Mega Pixels and really does capture high-quality photos. So, if you want a phone that really does offer it all, but you also want a phone that fits your price budget, the LG GT540 is definitely THE way to go!

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