LG KS660 Review

If you are looking for a nice mobile phone that has a touch screen and is good for both fun and business - the LG KS660 just might be the phone you have been searching for! The LG KS660 comes in only one color - black. Some people might like this, some people might not buy it for that instance alone. The LG KS660 has a very nice touch screen that is 3inches and has a smaller resolution of 240x400. It's smaller than you might be used to, but it still boasts an amazing 262,000 colors. The actual size of the device is a mere 105mm x55mm x 15mm which is pretty small and very light weight at only 110grams.

LG KS660 ReviewThis is one of those phones that was specifically designed to be able to fit into a pocket or purse - great usage for the user. The LG KS660 also runs a tri-band GSM 900X1900 & 1900. The file transfer can be used two different ways. You can either use the Bluetooth V2.0 or you can use the USB V2.0 on the phone itself. The main connectivity features of the phone include an EDGE Class 10 and a GPRS Class 12. The entertainment side of this mobile phone has an array of supportive file formats for both the music player (MP3, WMA, RA, and AAC+) and video player (MP4, H.263, H.264 and RV).

It also incorporated a FM stereo. As with most of the phones available today, it also includes a 5 mega pixel camera with a pretty high resolution - 2592 x 1944 pixels. It also includes a few extra "specials" that other phones might not such as LED flash, Auto Focusing, Photo Album with video gallery view and the recording variables include 15FPS. If you love to message on your phone you will love the text, SMS, MMS, EMS and email option along with the business features which include dual SIM, organizer, alarm clock, calendar, voice memo, phone book, hands free speakers, doc viewer and so much more.

With a phone that has this many apps and features one would hope it would have an amazing amount of space and thankfully it does. The LG KS660 has 85MB of memory, you can also integrate a MicroSD memory card if this isn't enough room for you! The battery life on the LG KS660 is a little lower than one would expect - it's a mere 3 hours of time time, but it does have 250 hours of standby time.

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