Nokia X2 Finally Approved By The FCC

Nokia X2 was approved by the FCC to be used in the US but it is still not available for purchase. The incredibly cheap device known as the Nokia X2 is a GSM/EDGE only phone and it's a quad-band connection which means it can only be used on NON-CDMA carriers such as Rogers, t-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. Of course just because the FCC did approve the Nokia X2 doesn't necessarily mean it will be for sale in the market in the United States, however, with the merging markets, if it would be for sale in the US, now they don't have to go through any of the usual red tape. The Nokia company specifically made the Nokia X2 for these merging markets.
Nokia x2 phone.JPG
The phone does feature a smaller screen at only 2.2 inches, but it still includes all the other extras you would expect to come from a device such as this such as S40 UI, Blue tooth Stereo, headset jack (thank god), FM radio, Opera Mini, Micro Sd support and of course the standard 5MP camera with LED flash. Surprisingly enough the Nokia X2 is only about 85 GBP and will be available in India in June/July of this year - no announcements yet on if it will be presented to the US consumers, but one can hope!

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