Nokia X6 Review: Its for Music Lovers!

Most of us that are interested in the technology world, or more specifically the cell phone world, know that cell phone are manufactured and produced under a certain precedence. For example, for a person that LOVES music and wants an Mp3 Cell phone, they might want to choose something like the Nokia X6. For a person that is more into a business phone they might want to choose something with great apps, awesome programs installed on the phone, and tons of functionality - something like the iPhone or Blackberry.
nokia x6If you like music and you plan on using your cell phone as a primary option for all things music the Nokia X6 is definitely the way to go. It enables MP3, WMA, EA, AAC, WAV and M4A extensions and it has a brand name (Nokia) to boot. Nokia was founded in Tampere, Finland (1865) - so you know it's a company that will outlast all others. Not only is this a superb option for music extensions and various types of media, but it also has a 3.2 Touchscreen, an incredibly sleek look, and on top of that it has a 5MP camera. It also includes a radio for those of you that want a more convenient way to listen to music, and you can also add games to the cell phone through USB.

Unlike other phones where you have to either have quality or functionality, this one has both - along with a battery backup which lasts up to 8 hours long and has a standby of up to 400 hours! You also get Symbian OS, 5CPU ARM processors, IMing, Emailing, SMS, MMS, Maps, Wifi, etc. Overall, this cell phone isn't just for music lovers, it's for media lovers alike.

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