Pill iPhone App lets you to take care of your health

If you own the new iPhone you know that one of the BEST benefits of having the iPhone is the APPS. Other cell phones might have an option like APPS, but it really couldn't compare to what iPhone offers. For people that are looking for a new app to add to their phone, you might want to take a look at the Pill Phone app, brought to you by VOCEL. Of course this is only available on select phones, but any iPhone user can participate in this app. As with most other apps on the iPhone it is very easy to set up!

The first thing you need to do is create a full-list of all the medications you take, while doing this, you will allow yourself to set up a schedule so you know when to take each dose. When the "alarm" scheduled appears, you would simple click the reminder using the "push notifications" option. Then, after you take the reminder pill as scheduled you can set it for snooze, just like a regular alarm clock, this will allow you to resend the reminder 30 minutes later. All of the reminders and alarms are available as a Medication Admin Record which can be found on PillPhone.com.

Furthermore, if you miss a dosage, you can also set it up so that a family member will receive the reminder as well through SMS text message or email. This is a super option for children that have older parents or grandparents that "forget" to take their medicines. This is like having a pill box, alarm, and safety net all in one simple app!

It also includes a comprehensive drug resource based on the best selling guide, The Pill Book.
iPhone The Pill app
Some of the features of the app are:
  • Provides visual/audible alerts for each medication dose.
  • Tracks/stores pill-taking records on a secure Web site accessible by patient and care managers.
  • Alerts care manager if patient misses scheduled medication dose.
  • Shows what pills look like.
  • Confirms dose was taken.
  • Displays potential side effects.
  • Mobile access to generic ingredients, cautions, possible side effects, drug interactions, and food interactions.
The app comes for just $1.99 and its definitely a worthy app for all those who are concerned about taking pills at regular intervals. Download the app from iTunes link.


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