Sprint Offering The New HTC Evo 4G ?

One step closer to mankind the new HTC EVO 4G was recently cleared by the FCC just in time for conditioning units to be shipped to stores world-wide. This original registration was caught by the guys over at engadget who initially detected a WiMax and CDMA for Sprints databands. While the consumer outlet is filled to the brim with cell phones these days, the HTC EVO 4G is about to change cell phones as we know it.

htc evo 4g pho
This isn't just any phone - it has some of the best features that those other phones can't compare with. Such as the front-facing camera, the first with an HDMI-output jack, and 4G capabilities should please a lot of fans looking to get more out of their mobile data points. Sprint is now readier than ever and they have started their training regimen since the launch for this spectacular phone is this summer. All of the training materials for this phone are all digitalized and will come with an array of the ever-popular apps such as the ones that Apple iPhone offers. There is also a confirmed FM radio, in which the kickstand may act like an antenna for the radio. The main target for the phone cell plans are more or less directed towards people that use Mobile Hotspot, which if you have ever looked into this or have it, you know it's merely a luxury item - costing around $150 for a two year plan.

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