Wanna play PlayStation Games On Your Cell Phone?

Well now you can! It's amazing how far technology has come! If you love to play games like you would on your PlayStation, the HTC HD2 now offers a download which will allow you to do just that. This download known as the FPSECE or First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE is completely free. It's not available for every single game just yet - they seem to still be working out some of the kinks, but there are quite a few games it does work on.

playstation games on htc hd2
So far, the list count is 300 games some of which are games such as Tekken, Twisted Metal and of course the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto! You can visit the FPSECE website to see the entire list. Like most other emulators available, this one seems to work pretty good and has a pretty sweet frame rate as well. One disadvantage to downloading this emulator is that you will need a lot of space on your memory card, but overall this seems like a pretty awesome deal for all the game lovers out there.

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