Why is The Samsung Wave S8500 Such A Sought After Phone?

Manufactures of cell phones always need to be on their toes when it comes to creating a new phone. There are hundreds of cell phones out there right now and each one offers something different. And they have. If all of them offered the same thing, then the cell phone like the Samsung Wave S8500 wouldn't be as popular! The same old same old is boring.

But, when you start adding in features like the Bada OS that the Samsung Wave S8500 offers, you begin to understand. The Samsung Bada offers a 3.3 AMOLED touchscreen (which is really in style right now, hello, iPhone!), a TouchWiz 3.0, GPS, 720 HD video recording allowabilities and is named as being one of the most usable and functional smart phones available right now. The President of Samsung Electronics, has been quoted as saying that one of the main purposes of the Samsung Wave S8500 is that it be one of the most connected and innovated phones on the market.
samsung wave s8500
Some of the other key features for the Samsung Wave S8500 include 5.0MP camera, 1GHz processor which is integrated with a Social Hub, IM, and SNS. Also, a bluetooth 3.0, Wifi connectivity with virtual surround sound and of course the Samsung apps that are so popular such as games, navigation, Social Networking, and ebooks capabilities. With a phone like this, there is no guessing. You know what you get right off the bat and you know exactly why, from the few features listed above, why its so popular!

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