Download Carcassonne for iPhone for introductory offer price

Carcassonne iPhone game.JPGPlay the original award winning board game Carcassonne on your iPhone and iPod touch with friends, family, or other board game enthusiasts over the Internet.

Some of the features of this game are:
  • Official Carcassonne game with original artwork
  • 8 different AI players
  • Internet multiplayer with Push Notifications
  • Local network play with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Unique Solitaire mode
  • Available in English and German
  • Online and offline ranking
  • Comprehensive in-game manual
  • Tutorials with voice acting
  • Compete for the best score in Solitaire Game of the Week
  • Chat function for Internet and local network games
  • Invite friends to play in-game or via email
If you play more board games, you will really love this game. As an introductory offer the game is launched for $4.99, soon the price will be increased to $9.99.
Download Carcassonne from iTunes link.


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