SPB Mobile Shell gets Updated to 3.5.5 Version

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer, announces the update of its major Symbian application – SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5. Being recently launched SPB Mobile Shell for Symbian got #1 best selling position world-wide one day after its initial release.

The new version of SPB Mobile Shell has optimized memory usage which allows reducing RAM consumption by 10 Mb. Thus the range of the supported Symbian smartphones significantly grows. The new version also includes a media player widget. Now the users can reach their player much easier and faster right from the home screen. SPB Software also releases 4 new free themes for Symbian.
SPB Mobile shell
Some of the features of this update are
  • Memory optimization (10M less RAM usage)Media player widget
  • 4 free themes for Symbian
  • Operator Name Widget
  • Shortcuts to the most used files
  • Autorestore of the settings
  • New Memo/New Anniversary items in organizer menu
  • Customized Call Button
  • Landscape/portrait orientation control
I am using SPB Mobile Shell on my Samsung Omnia i8910 HD and its working great. I liked the hardware of my phone but I felt bad about the phone's software. Now with SPB Mobile Shell I am able to fill the gap and compete with other best smartphones on the market. For $29.95, I got the new Samsung Omnia HD with SPB Mobile Shell:)

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