Google Maps 4.4, Smarter Way To Know Your Way!

Google Maps has been updated six times in the last six months. With new features on finding places in the neighborhood in every update, Google Maps is definitely one of the best Map provider for mobile phones. Sailent features of this update are:
  • Swiping between search results like Photos and Reviews on the search result.
  • Dedicated places icon in the app launcher. Simply press and drag it to your phone screen to search a nearby restaurant or cinema house. Place Page displays a long list of all restaurants and cinemas in the locality for you to pickup.
  • Also you can use the search bar in the place pages to type or ask any question. Your search can be generalized like “coffee shop”, “gas station”, etc., or specifics like “Walmart”. Updated Place Pages provides all necessary data so that you will be in a position to select the best place and route relaxing in your bed. You will get minute details like prices of
Currently only Android devices support the feature of place pages. Folks watch out, Black Berry will also get Place Page very soon!

To download Google Maps 4.4 just go to from your mobile browser. Below are some of the screenshots of Google maps 4.4.Google maps screenshot.JPG

Top 10 Free apps for BADA Platform

Samsung BADA apps.Samsung is in the process of expanding its appstore globally. Meanwhile it announced the Top 10 downloaded BADA applications in last month after the launch of its first BADA phone Wave.

Out of the top 10 apps 50% are games.
Popular among the games
  • EA’s Need for Speed Shift, ranked number 2
  • Gameloft’s Real Football 2010, ranked number 5
  • Basketball, ranked number 8
All these are top 10 apps are free. However Real Football 2010 is now priced at 3 Pounds though it was also free during World Cup Tournament for promotional purpose.

Samsung apps are known for their utility and entertainment value. According to Samsung smart phone users, their phone is no more a drab calling device; it has lots of entertainment functions apart from technology solutions. The top 10 apps are listed below:
  1. Magic Torch
  2. Speed For Speed Shift
  3. Illusions
  4. South Africa 2010
  5. Real Football 2010
  6. Battery Life
  7. My Mirror
  8. Basketball
  9. Shot Gun
  10. Exciting Free Kick
Download app of your favorite and enjoy yourself! All the above apps can be downloaded from

CNN App for iPhone Launched

Great news for CNN watchers, CNN launched a new app for the benefit of viewers outside the USA. Apart from routine news, the app is intended to provide extra features like personalization, access to iReport etc.

Some of the features of CNN App are:
  • Alert on your handset on news items and stories.
  • Browse news on the basis of category and location; you can access news on Asia, UK, etc. Also category wise news on business, sports, weather, etc., can be accessed.
  • Save stories of your interest and read them offline at your convenience.
  • See reviews of users on various topics under iReport.
  • Bulleted highlights on stories to get a glimpse of the article or news.
  • Share hot stuff, videos etc., with your friends using email, Twitter and Facebook
Folks, don’t you find this app so fascinating and versatile?
CNN iphone app.jpg
Get the CNN iphone app from the iTunes link.

This week’s Android Apps Updates!

Lots of activities are going on in Android app departments in the past few weeks. Prominent apps, new or updated, which can be simply downloaded from Android Market are listed here.
  • – Check great deals in 65 cities and clinch one
  • Vlingo Super Dialer – Get connected to businesses on the web
  • Barnes & Noble’s NOOK e-reader – Access tons of e-books from your Android Smartphone
  • Time Mobile - View Time Magazine’s updates on news
  • Shazam Encore and Shazam Premium – Unrestricted tagging and recommendation on Trendy tunes
  • Opera Mini 5.1 - Best mobile web browser
  • AOL Daily Finance -Browse stock market news and tips
  • Graffiti –See Palm’s old school text input
  • Google Voice - Enhances voice dialing speed
  • BBC News - A new feature to be commenced shortly
If you find that any important app or news that is missed out here, please give feedback so that the same may be included.

Flexible Payment Options For Android Apps

Have you noticed Google’s recent indication that it will effect changes in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement? Tim Bray of Google has written that the changes are focused on improving the method of payments for app buyers in the Android Market. At present only credit card payment is accepted by Google. Google proposes to add all charges towards buying of Android apps in the user’s monthly phone bill directly. This method has been in vogue for T-Mobile customers in the US now.

Google has made a modification in the Agreement and an addition of new section. Section 13.1 is modified to include “authorized carriers” as indemnified party. A new section 13.2 is added covering indemnify for payment processors for claims related to tax accrual. These features are beneficial for users who pay for purchase of app through their carrier bill instead of Google Checkout. These changes are likely to be announced by end August 2010.

Download Flipboard iPad App Free

Flipboard iPad app.Would you like to change your tablet computer to a social magazine? No big deal, Flipboard , the new iPad app can work wonders for you! Just login through your Twitter or Facebook account, Flipboard will take care of the rest.

Thousands of articles, videos and snapshots are shared in these social networking sites through their users on a day-today basis. Hence you have access to new articles, photographs, etc., everyday thanks to this app. You can integrate Flipboard services with access to Flickr and Linkedin. Another good news is that the app is completely FREE.

Flipboard is a part of Palo Alto, promoted by Mike McCue, co-founder of Tellme. Tellme, the voice recognition firm, was later bought by Microsoft and Even Doll, a technocrat who worked in iPhone earlier. McCue created Flipboard exclusively for Apple’s iPad.

Download Free Flipboard iPad App.

Groupon Android App Launched !!

Groupon Android App.A new sophisticated Android app has been inaugurated by Groupon, the popular daily deal site. According to Groupon, immediately after its launch of iPhone, thousands of enquiries have been received for Android version. Now the new app has been released to satisfy Android Smartphone users with version 1.6 or higher.

What can you do with the new Groupon Android app?
  • Buy deals.
  • View your Purchased deals and check which ones are in your neighborhood.
  • Redeem deals.
  • Glance at the side deals from the option “More Deals” in deal page menu.
Though Groupon has not figured out any widget for this app at present, they are in the processes of fixing one soon. With the activation of mammoth 160,000 Android phones per day, there is no doubt that the solid Android platform is the favorite for apps now. Hence people demand Android apps first and then only iPhone.

To download the app, just search for Groupon in the Android Market.

Xperia X10 Free Applications List

Xperia X10 Free Applications.Check out the list of amazing free android applications for Sony ericsson's Xperia X10. The apps are listed according to the categories.

Instant messaging apps: These apps are compatible with most of the popular networks like Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, etc. Further free VoIP calls can be made free of cost to Skype, Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger using WiFi connection.
  • Meebo IM
  • Nimbuzz
  • ISkoot For Skype
Music Apps:If you are music minded you have these fabulous options of apps.
  • TuneWiki – Lyrics of your songs are displayed while the song is being played
  • Ringdroid – Editor and WAV files for MP3 ringtones and alarm creation
  • Shazam - Recognizes and displays song, title, artist, album, etc
  • DroidLive – enables live transmission of numerous of radio broadcasting stations
  • Pandora – Lists your favorite songs and artists albums online
Photography Apps:For the photograph- savvy in you, look at these apps
  • Photoshop Android
  • Comeks Fun Photo Blogger
  • Color Pop
  • Snap Photo Pro
Gaming Apps:For the game aficionados enjoy these multiple choice of apps.
  • Nesoid – You get full screen view, audio support with time saver
  • PAC-MAN from NAMCO – it is authentic and free
  • JOYity and YouCath
  • CommBattle deadmatch
  • Labyrinth Lite.
System Apps: These applications control the mobile phone task manager and saves battery. You can pick up any app of your liking to suit your specific needs.
  • Kill App
  • App Manager
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Power Manager
  • Battery Widget
Safety Apps:For your safety and privacy
  • BioWallet – Biometric identification which is also used as administrator password
  • Anycut – Provides a shortcut to functions
  • Phonealyzr – gives vital statistics of your Xperia X10
  • Atrackdog – Installed application on Xperia X10 are controlled, updates notified, best applications of Android reported periodically
  • WaveSecure – It is a sensitive application; automatic backup of all data; it destroys confidential matters in the event of loss or theft
Miscellaneous Apps:For your computer requirements, internet and geometric locations
  • Documents To Go – enables opening and viewing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Scan2PDF Mobile – Photograph taken by mobile is converted to PDF format
  • The Weather Channel – Weather in your place and other locations in all formats
  • Locale – Social networking friends will know your whereabouts enabled by GPS
  • WikiMobile – Open and browse through Wikipedia
  • Wertago / Sherpa – On the principle of GPS it enables the user to explore routes, restaurants, gas stations, cinema theatres, etc., in the neighborhood
  • Ahome – enables customization of all visuals; creates themes and widgets with new icons and install wallpapers, menus, fonts, widgets, dockc, etc., of your taste
  • Sweetdreams - You can configure your Xperia X10 with unlimited alternatives; volume and brightness could be changed at different times of the day
Hope you found atleast few free apps mentioned above that suits your needs. To Download any of the app just search for the respective app in Android Market of your phone.


T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Avatar Promo

Samsung is showing Avatar movie for the promotion of Galaxy S. Ever wonder what it would be like to have cinema quality entertainment in the palm of your hand? Introducing the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant a Galaxy S phone available now!

Changing Nokia N97 Mini Themes is Great Fun!!

Nokia n97 mini themes.JPGNokia N97 Mini has wonderful user friendly software which can be customized. You can add applications via Ovi Store, change the appearance of OS with different themes of your choice. Your handset looks like a new one with the change of color and background. Let us see how you do it.
  • Click on Menu and Settings .
  • Click on Themes.
  • Press General and choose the installed theme.
  • You can also change home screen, wallpaper and get new look to your mobile.
Have a look at the gallery to know variety of magnificent themes which come free with Nokia N97 Mini package. This being a Symbian S60 5th Edition OS, it is versatile and highly customizable. You can simply download themes or create new additional themes of your heart’s delight. Themes are available in abundance in Daily Mobile blog also.

Enjoy Exciting EA Games In Your Mobile This Summer!

EA Games for mobile.JPGReading newspaper and books is outdated. In the modern times people are more interested using e-readers and play games in their mobile.
Let us have a glance at new games EA has to offer this summer for mobile users.
  • NCAA Football is a breathtaking game. Choose from 55 collegiate teams or create your own team.
  • Madden NFL 2K 11 with special Total Defense based mechanism is more enchanting with a full-fledged stadium, players, roasters and new modes.
  • Sims 3 Ambitions is an ideal Sims reproduction game. It is nothing but supporting your Sim to reach his/her life time targets. Just get started with swipes and taps of the screen of your mobile for a thrilling travel adventure.
  • EA has improved upon Risk, the well-known PC game, to make it exhilarating.
  • SimCity Deluxe is another game with better UI enabled larger buttons and revamped graphics.
All these games keep the mobile user ecstatic with the feeling of having participated in real games.


Download Antenna Meter app for BlackBerry

Antenna meter blackberry app.PNG
It is a curious press report from Black Berry that their devices will have a new “Antenna Meter” app. Xtreme labs and Fixmo are the two companies instrumental for this app.

You all know that “death grip” signifies loss of signal when a smartphone is held in hand covering the antenna in a particular fashion. It is a known fact that iPhone 4 faces this problem. Recently Apple clarified that other makes of smartphones also have this problem hinting that Black Berry suffers this problem. Death grip and antenna meter app are one and the same providing the solution to test iPhone and Black Berry smartphones.

As a global leader of antenna designs, RIM is not happy with the state of affairs. The new app is meant to assess the soundness of Black Berry smartphone antenna. Such an app is not likely to be seen in Apple’s App Store in the near future.

You can download Antenna meter now to test your BlackBerry antenna.
Share: Android App now Available

You might already aware of the app for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. Now Android app hit the market. Unlike Black Berry OS and iOS, Google’s mobile platform is more open which permits users to store parts of content in their own phone’s home screen by means of a widget, small or big for quick access to their favorite content section. Android App.PNG
The well known content of the magazine website covers snapshots, lists, quotes, video clips, etc., which can be accessed from within the app. Listen to delightful podcasts when you are browsing other part of content or other application too. Download articles and stories and read them leisurely offline. Share videos, quotes, jokes, etc., on Facebook and Twitter. You can simply email photographs of your choice to your dear ones. is easily downloadable on your smartphone; search for TIME Mobile in the Android Market to download and install the app.

iPhone Apps To Pep Up Your Photo Albums!

iPhone Photo album app.JPGCheck out the interesting iPhone Apps that helps you to have fun with your photo albums. With the help of these apps you can spice up your photos on the iPhone itself.
  • Animoto:Select dozen of photographs from your iphone album and apply music from the app’s library; a short and sweet video is created by this app.
  • HazelMail: This free app provides a nice post card to your iPhone photographs which can be mailed.
  • Juxtaposer Lite: From your photo album, you can swap your face with your girlfriend’s body using this app within a fraction of a second. It is lot of fun.
  • TimeLapse - Free: In a fixed backdrop take series of pictures. This app creates an action-packed video of fast moving people and vehicles in a fixed backdrop with soothing music. The free edition is limited to 59 photos per session. You can purchase the app for $2.99 if you like it.
  • Pano:This app stitches several photo shots and combines them into one long panorama; the viewer gets a feeling that he is part of the picture.
Which photography app you like most for the iPhone?

Root/UnRoot Droid X Phone with One Click

Root/UnRoot Droid-X.JPGA user from alldroid has developed a GUI program to root/unroot your DroidX phone. No Android SDK install required. All drivers are installed if needed.

Just two buttons, ROOT and UNROOT! Follow the instructions on the screen and you'll be rooted in a matter of seconds!

You must enable USB DEBUGGING under System > Applications > Development on your phone.

It supports Microsoft Windows only. You need the .NET 3.5 Framework but Vista and Windows 7 already come with the framework.

Download One-Click Root/UnRoot Tool for Droid-X.

Download Bump 2.0 Free for iPhone

Good news for all the iPhone users who are used to Bump App. Bump 2.0 is now available free for iPhone! Some of the New Features in Bump 2.0 are:
  • The Calendar module lets users compare calendars and send invites back and forth that save automatically to each person’s calendar.
  • You can now connect instantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and you can also compare friends to see who you know in common!
  • Bump now includes a chat feature that allows you to keep sending things to your friend without another bump!
  • Unlimited Photo and Contact sharing.
Bump 2.0 iPhone App.JPGBump 2.0 is available free on the iTunes App Store, Download and check it out.

Download Free Tethering Android App, Proxoid

Android’s latest app Proxoid is a very useful Application. Though it duplicates the tethering function it is different. Your phone becomes a wireless device with this tethering app; with Proxoid your phone just functions as a modem without the need of root access.

Proxoid costs nothing whereas its tethering app counterpart PdaNet costs $19 which makes a big hole in your pocket if you are a frequent traveler. What is the necessity of using a wireless data card or dongle when you have an option to simply plug in your phone especially if you have unlimited data package? The procedure is as under.
  • Enable USB debugging on your handset
  • Download Android SDK
  • Download and install Proxoid’s own driver
  • Configure your browser for using proxy server
  • Run the downloaded batch file with driver as well as Proxoid app
Though it is cumbersome in the beginning, it becomes a routine in due course. This app is extremely useful for habitual travelers.

To download the app, just search on the android market or download using the below barcode.

Thetering Android App Proxoid Download barcode.JPG

Droid X: 10 Useful Android Apps

Droid X Useful Apps.JPGDroid X which runs on Android is an exquisite smart mobile phone. Android Platform has lots of useful, interesting and entertaining apps. With almost 100,000 apps in the market, its difficult to find the right app for your newly purchased Droid X. Check out the Ten useful apps for every Droid X.
  1. Google Sky Map is a free app which shows your present location in real time amidst the stellar constellation. It makes use of GPS of your phone, accelerometer and compass to locate your position.
  2. Google Voice app permits you to create a master phone number to control all your other numbers at home, office, factory, etc. Simply forward all your numbers to this master number. Whenever you get a call or answer a call the app gives a feeling that you are in one answering system.
  3. For the chatter box in you, Meebo connects you to friends for a relaxed chat.
  4. For the Twitters, Seesmic app helps you login with your twitter friends, messages and updates.
  5. With Foursquare app you can activate your social network and keep in touch with your friends.
  6. If you are a TV Buff, Sling Player mobile enables you to carry your favorite TV shows recorded at home to be seen at your convenience.
  7. With Retro gamer Nesoid you can play your favorite games while on the move or in office or at home.
  8. Suddenly you feel giddy and want to take a cab while on a walk. Don’t worry, Cab4Me locates you on a map and finds out the nearest cab company number for a quick pick up.
  9. Triplt is a useful app for travelers; get your itineraries, flight time schedules, weather forecast, etc. in your mobile.
  10. If you are a jogger, Runtastic Life records your time, distance and speed and displays your route map. Share your success with your Facebook and Twitter friends too!
To download, just search for the respective app in the Android market on your mobile.

Which Android App is more used by you? Share your useful Android Apps for Droid X via comments section.

How to Turn iPad into Arcade Game Console?

Check out the below demo video showing the functionality of the controls on the diy iPad arcade.


Get FREE iPhone 4 Case !!

iPhone 4 Free Case App.JPGApple is giving away Free Cases for the iPhone 4. Just follow the below steps to apply for a Bumper or case.
  • Download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store.
  • Launch the app on your iPhone 4 and sign in using your iTunes Store account or Apple ID.
  • Select your Bumper or case.
For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, you must apply no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase. To qualify for this program, you must purchase your iPhone 4 by September 30, 2010.

Android Market Analysis by AppBrain

AppBrain team has done a market research on the present status of Android products and apps. Their findings are wonderful, interesting and enlightening.
  • Android market has familiar labels like Facebook, MP3, Shazam, etc. These names are loaded in half of the population of their phones .
  • Google Maps is available in 99% of Android handsets while Pandora in the rest.
  • Only 8% of all apps in the Android Market are found in every phone. Data about the remaining 92% is vague.
  • 30% of Android Market is spam from the view point of crap apps and fluffs and the percentage is on the increase.
  • Co. Ltd., a developer, yanked 4000 titles from Android Market and most of the apps were cookie cutter designs and auto generated
Can you guess how will be the future of Android Market when compared to that of their competitors?
android market analysis.JPG

Dell Streak Pre-Ordering Oppurtunities!!

It is an unbelievable offer any time from now in late July; Dell Streak will be launched with Android smart phone features on a large screen for you to view the entire world! Exciting features of the phone are
  • 5” wide screen which is optimum for viewing cinemas, videos and web pages
  • Variety of widgets for social networking, entertainment, information, games, education etc.
  • Tough breakage resistant glass screen for picture clarity with high resolution.
  • Google Maps app guides you through every turn and twist even in small streets with a text-to-voice commentary
  • Google Android OS allows multitasking features while on the move.
And when you hit the link of Dell Streak, you can get any of the below:
  • Exclusive 24 hour pre-sale purchase window.
  • Free upgrade to second business day shipping.
  • Get a Plantronics Bluetooth headset for a dirt cheap $0.99.
Folks don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Fring adds Video Chat Support for GALAXY S

fring galaxy S.JPGThe withdrawal of Skype support does not seem to have deterred Fring’s video chat service to Android mobile consumers. In fact Fring has now widely publicized updating and improvement in quality of its latest version of phones. It will also support other makes of phones.

Video chat with Front facing camera is now supported by Samsung Galaxy S. It may be noted that in the US Samsung Epic will be the sole Galaxy S instrument for Sprint with front facing camera feature for convenient video chat. Fring supports the international version of this model of Samsung.

It is quite heartening to note that Fring has made a lot of improvements in its audio applications. Yes, there are more new bugs even after fixing the old bugs as reported by consumers. Fring is confident that it will be able to fix all its audio problems very soon.

Download Fring for your Android mobile phone by searching it in Android Market.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Leaked !!

blackberry desktop manager.JPGLeakage of OS has become a routine with BlackBerry. So far it has happened thrice. Recently a new version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been leaked out. What is the plausible reason for this type of leakage? Anyway there is nothing exciting about this new version; there are no novelty and great secrets. One remote possibility is that as a regular user of BDM you may like to try out its secrets out of curiosity sometimes.

Next time when you come across such leaks, please check for novelties and remarkable features and do let me know about it. In my personal opinion I don’t think there is any great significance attached to this leak. However, as I said earlier, it is very interesting to check out these aspects before they are published officially.

Download the leaked BlackBerry Desktop Manager from crackberry.

iPhone 4 Tethering App Handy Light!

iPhone has a light and compact app tethering utility which enables sharing of your iPhone internet connection with your laptop. This app is known as Handy Light which has nothing to do with torch light.

The tethering is carried out in this manner:
  • Configure an ad-hoc wireless network on your Mac.
  • Connect iPhone to the network.
  • Tweak specific network and proxy settings and start the app.
  • Tap a coded sequence of flashlight colors.
Well, now that the instructions are online, the app may be axed any time like the $10 NetShare app which was axed by Apple a few years ago. Added to this, AT&T does not get a penny for sharing this app with your net connection. It is also a million dollar question when Handy Light app will be withdrawn by Apple!

The app supports iPhone 4(iOS 4) only.

Update: The app has been removed from the app store:(

Update2: Check out the TetherMe App to tether your iPhone.

Download BlackBerry Free Music App SugarSync

Black Berry has been releasing new products year after year-SugarSync is latest addition to the list. SugarSync is a file storage and sync service. The latest news is that audio files over the air will be permitted by SugarSync. You can listen to your favorite music free from your own private collection while on the move from now onwards.
sugar sync blackberry app.JPGSugarSync utilizes desktop for all its services and its sophisticated clients are prompt in simultaneous syncing and sharing of files through email or Facebook. Access for basic documents and picture albums are permitted by their mobile app. On top of this, streaming music over the air is going to be terrific. Be fast to store most of your favorite music in your SugarSync account. You get 2 GB for free plus referral bonus storage. If you are prepared to opt for payment schemes, you have many attractive options.

Download SugarSync Free from BlackBerry World.

iPhone 4 vs Droid X

The launching of Droid X has given rise to a strong speculation whether iPhone will continue to rule the mobile industry. Market analysts made a detailed analysis of all aspects of these two smart phones which is quite interesting.

Features: Droid X vs iPhone
  • Size of screen: 4.3” touch screen of Droid X takes over 3.5” screen of iPhone 4.
  • Camera: 8 megapixel camera of Driod X wins over 5 megapixel camera of iPhone 4.
  • Capture: Both supports 720p video recording while iPhone is better with 30 frames per second.
  • Front facing camera: Droid X has no Front facing camera. iPhone is clear winner for video chating.
  • System: Both has 1 GHZ CPU Speed.
  • Both supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G
  • Number of apps: 100,000 apps of Android Market looses to 200,000 apps of iPhone.
Front facing camera for face to face chatting and double the number of apps, namely, 200,000 are major considerations for mobile users in favor of iPhone. Analysts predict that iPhone will go stronger for the years to come.

Download MOG Music App for Android and iPhone

MOG music app.JPGMOG, the latest music service with 8 million songs, has commenced operation on both iPhone and Android platform. This is yet to be inaugurated in the UK. The salient features of this unlimited music service are listed below.
  • Songs can be directly downloaded from user handsets and not over the air.
  • Non dependence on network availability and bandwidth resources.
  • Music discovery engine enables sorting of songs based on user’s requirements.
  • Switching between different resources for downloads is possible. Consumer can select resource saving 64 kbps download or high quality 320 kbps at a higher tariff .
  • Downloaded music is not free once you stop using the music service. However Microsoft’s Zune mobile music service which will be launched later this year permits 10 tracks download of music per month for consumers.
Download MOG Mobile Music App from iTunes or search for it in Android Market if you have Android phone.

Download Free Paint Relax Lite App for Windows Mobile

With the Paint Relax Lite Free App, you can just relax after daily work by catching colorful paint bubbles. Enjoy bright colors, bubbles and fresh, thick layers of paint.

Some of the features of this game are:
  • Realistic graphics
  • Bubble sounds and vibration
  • Multiple relaxation backgrounds (available in Pro edition only)
  • Resolutions: QVGA (240x320), WQVGA (240x320), Square VGA (480x480), VGA (480x640), WVGA (480x800)
  • Compatible with: Square 320 (320x320), HVGA (320x480)
Download the Free Paint Relax App from Developer's site. Check out the below video to know how to play the game.

Top Applications for Samsung Wave (BADA OS)

samsung wave apps.jpgDo you know the sale of Samsung smart phone Wave S8500 which has BADA OS hit the million mark within 4 weeks of its launch? This has a direct impact on download of Samsung apps with a lot of exuberance.

Top five global apps for Samsung BADA platform are
  • SouthAfrica2010 (Developed by Mubaloo) – Most popular during the recently concluded World Soccer Tournament. With this app soccer fans could track the game details such as daily match schedules, competing teams, venues and composition of teams.
  • Hit My Boss (Developed by Rightbrain Communications)
  • Reaction Test (Developed by ABC Solution)
  • Basket Ball (Developed by Uangel
  • Brain Training (Developed by bluepin)
With the conclusion of World Cup, Real Football 2010 app has been relegated from position No. 5. Hexage’s Everlands will be among the top 5 apps in the coming weeks. Watch out for alerts through RSS feed regularly for latest BADA apps. /

Update:Samsung recently announced the Top 10 most downloaded BADA apps in the last month. Check it out.

MusicNerd Unlocked iPhone 4 in Two Ways!!

unlock iphone 4.jpgGuys, do you know about the hectic activity set in motion to unlock iPhone 4? Dev Team launched upon a three way solution for this problem. PlanetBeing tweeted that he discovered the unlock formula a couple of days ago. We hear MuscleNerd of Dev Team also has zeroed in the solution as per a tweet from him. He has formulated 2 different methods to unlock iPhone 4.

The next step involves the quality angle which is the toughest. Here comparison of the loading time and stability of the 3 different unlocking solutions will be carried out. Based on the results PlanetBeing and MuscleNerd will decide which is the best unlock formula so that ultrasn0w could be updated. In my opinion it is going to be a matter of just few more days for unlocking iPhone 4!

GolfLogix Golf GPS App available for Palm Pre

GolfLogix, the golf GPS application, is now supporting Palm Pre mobiles. This app is already compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, BlackBerry, Android, etc.

GolfLogix is amazing especially if you are new to this app. Open the app, locate your golf course. You will be flooded with useful details such as yardage space available in the front, rear and side, aerial view of each of the holes, 4-person scoring, etc.

Palm Pre sponsors give you a free 24-hours trial. After the trial time you will have to pay for using the app. There is a feature known as Champion Membership which allows you to browse through 25,500 mapped golf courses, website for your own use to track stats and many more features. All this cost you a paltry $39.95 per annum.
golf gps app.JPG
If you are a golfer, it is really worth it. It helps you to know your golf course and build up strategies for success. Download the free trail at GolfGps

HTC HD2 Control CPU Speed & Overclock App

With this new amazing app from NetRipper, you can overclock the processor of HTC HD2.

  • Updates CPU speed every half second (calculated from the processor registered directly! not from some driver)
  • Can stress the CPU to show you that it goes up to 998mhz under load (when idle speed is less than 998mhz)
  • Disable autoscaling so that you can control the speed yourself
  • Select the speed you want by moving the slider or pressing 768/998 presets
  • Automatically disable autoscaling and set speed at boot (via menu)
  • Overclocking
Download OverClock App for HTC HD2.

Sorry, No More iChatr App In Your iPhone 4!

One of the unique features of iPhone 4 is the app which enables Chatroulette style video chat wherein you have the facility to see the other person face-to-face and talk owing to the front located camera eye. In this iChatr mode you can choose any stranger at random and chat with them; if you get bored, just swipe the screen, you will be connected to a new person to talk to. This provides a terrific past time which may be useful too. Occasional bumps on wrong persons are unavoidable; of course it could be an experience!

Apple is going to spring a surprise by removing this iChatr app from the iTunes app store. Apple feels there has been an excessive exposure of too many people through the app! The greatest surprise is that iChatr was approved feature even in the beginning. It is going to be a sad end to a great app; some may feel relieved too!
ichatr iphone app

Tour de France 2010 iPhone Game available on iTunes

Tour de France 2010 is an interesting and absorbing iPhone game and you can play this game as you move. The game is popular amongst the fans of two wheeler racing. Though virtual the cycle race needs to be planned with all strategies if you want a thrilling and exciting finish.
You are provided with a virtual gear and pedal mechanism which takes you up the peloton gradually. However to ensure a win you need to study the routes, race and pack aspects, data on previous tours and set the vital parameters like energy, exertion and your fitness levels.

The salient features of the tour are:
  • Distance of the tour is 3600 km with varying ground levels along the entire stretch.
  • 21 stages of sprints, mountain climbs, steep curves, etc.
  • 3 racer profiles: rouleur, fighter, climber.
iPhone Tour da france game.jpg
At the end of the game you really feel exhausted physically and feel like relaxing comfortably!

Tour de France 2010 is available on the App Store now for $1.99.

Convert Your iPhone 4 into a DSLR Camera!!

Mobile lovers are still unable to recover from the shocking flop show of their favorite iPhone 4. People are trying all tricks to make it function as a normal phone. Some smart guys think differently and try to convert it into a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera with additional fittings like Bubo accessories. This apparatus includes a mount for the camera and a Canon EF 50 mm fl. 1.8 lens system. An EnCinema 35 mm adaptor is also fitted in this set up. Assemble these parts as instructed in the below video. It is quite simple to fix the iPhone on its mount and assemble the lens system. Your iPhone 4 forms the camera part.

Your Digital SLR camera with iPhone 4 is now ready to take fantastic still pictures. With DSLR you will not have problems in focusing and viewing pictures in the night time.

Text Messages from Submarines using Buoys!

Captains and sailors in submarines under the sea can now text messages on strategic information and personal letters to their loved ones through a 40” long buoy tied to the vessel via the garbage disposal chute by means of long cables running in miles. According to Lockheed Martin, the designer of the system, buoys could also be air dropped to receive messages from submarines through an acoustic messaging system.

Presently mariners have to reach the water level corresponding to the periscope end and send their communication which is dangerous as they are prone to attack near the water surface. The new system ensures safety of sailors and effectiveness and quality of communication. When once the sailors complete texting, buoys could be cut and disconnected from the submarine.

An extension of this type of buoy communication would include underwater robots for sending distress signals related to sunken ship, oil leakage, lost track, diving mishap, etc., in the near future.

How to Play your iTunes music on your TV?

You can play your iTunes music on your TV with MP3tunes and Roku. Check out the below video to know more about playing your entire iTunes music collection on TV.

BlackBerry's Locate Service Without GPS

blackberry locate service.jpgBlackBerry Locate Service is a new launch by RIM which enables GPS- free location search. You may stay inside your office or home without GPS facility. However your app can locate the land marks, freeways, gas stations, restaurants, cinemas, etc., in your locality. Though there is no high degree of accuracy, the app locates the places of interest to a great extent. The user gets a quick idea about the place of his search. The app is more useful in such cases where exact location details are not important but a rough idea would be sufficient to proceed with the exploration.

Though this technology is not new(getting the location using celltowers), it is heartening to note that RIM has included this app in Blackberry for the benefit of its users. Good going RIM.

Download MusicLove App for Windows Mobile

Music Love is a High Quality, Stereo and Unlimited Multi-Track Music Creator for Pocket PC. You can also purchase "Music Pocket Pro" for all 30 Instruments and Drums.

  • Create High Quality Music Using Exclusive Mixer Engine
  • Background Rhythms with Chord.
  • 9.5 Octaves Keyboard and 12 Chords
  • 12 Function Keys for Change Rhythms and Instruments
  • Manageable and Unlimited Tracks (Music, Wave and Rhythm)
  • Combine-able Status for Each Track (Stereo Echo, Shake like Violin, Repeat like Sitar)
  • Keyboard (Touch) and Blow (Touch+Blow to Microphone) Modes
  • Sing a song, Record in a Wave Track and Combine with Music
  • Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
  • Import MIDI files and Export Wave file and more.
Download Music Love v3.8 App from developer's site.

windows mobile app MusicLove.jpg

Download Free MeCanto Music Provider App

MeCanto is an app that enables you to store your favorite music album in website and retrieve it as and when you require conveniently. You can upload your choicest tunes and songs without worrying about maintenance of your music library.

Download and install the application from MeCanto in your computer after registration with the website. Install Android app by pointing yoour phone browser to Select songs from your computer files and wait for sync. Take care that setting for non marketing application is enabled. The sync process takes several hours hence its better to do during the night time without any interruption. MeCanto has a user friendly interface and supports playlists, folders, etc. The entire music is sorted by artist/ album and the service is compatible with WiFi and 3G.

MeCanto is a time-tested application and it is simple to follow and easy to maintain. Enjoy songs of your heart’s delight with this app!

Check out the below video to know more about the app:

Samsung's Road SMS, Augmented Reality app

Samsung’s new Road SMS is a judicious blend of old and new trends. It is an augmented reality app which incorporates the qwerty keyboard on the road view using the rear camera.. The app is available on the SamsungApps store.

With Road SMS, you can comfortably do multitasking on a busy street, keep typing your text and simultaneously walk safely on the road with eyes focused on open manholes, post boxes, lampposts and stray dogs. The app is very fundamental with augmented reality - a key board, a shortcut to select message recipient and a counter for characters overlayed on the view of the camera. Although there is no facility to browse through incoming messages, accompanying photographs, MMS , its pretty cool.

The mobile looks so beautiful and attractive that you always fear that your ex girlfriend will knock off its ROM and gift it to her new friend with other brand of mobiles!


Symbian^4 Homescreen Pictures

Good news for the Nokia fans. Those who love Symbian and Nokia will be thrilled with the new screenshots of Symbian^4 homescreen that appeared on web. If you missed them, here they are:

symbian 4 screenshot.JPG
Symbian^4 is completely based on QT. The first device with symbian^4 OS may hit in the second half of 2011.

Dev Team to Unlock iPhone 4 Soon!

Remember Geohot, the wiz kid, who unlocked the first iPhone as early as the year 2007? He recently teased the iPhone 4 users with a jaibreaking technique that is not working, just for fun.

On the other hand, the laudable Dev Team has gone all out to unlock iPhone 4 and they are pretty close to the solution. MuscleNerd, Dev Team’s muscle man, also reiterated that they would unfold the iPhone 4 mystery soon.

It is also evident that Dev Team is in the process of zeroing in UltraSn0w in Cydia. By installing application and rebooting, your iPhone is ready for use in a different carrier. This paves the way for release of Spirit which takes care of unlocking aspects of all iOS4 products by Comex. For strategic reasons Comex is likely to wait till Apple releases its update on fixing antenna issue.

Get Face to Face on iPhone 4 with new FRING

The new fring feature of the iPhone 4 has a facility for two- way video calls by means of the camera provided at the front of the instrument. The other exciting feature is that you can chat with any other phone user including non-iPhone users.

You may wonder what is so great about iPhone 4 when we already have video connectivity using 3G or WiFi? Yes, there is a definite advantage in iPhone 4; with the multitasking support provided by iOS4 platform, the magic feature fring enables you get alerts on all video calls and chat without even opening the app.

Furthermore, fring sets up a sound and user friendly social networking system encompassing Facebook account and updates, Twitter account and updates including tweets, tidy address book, concise catalogue of favorite buddies, calls, chats, etc., for you.

Check out the below demo video of Fring on iPhone 4.


Video: Banned iPhone 4 Promo

Check out the another banned iPhone 4 Promo video. ooJLEoo came up with this funny iPhone 4 video, "Apple responds to Antenna gate"

Download Sense 2.5 Skin for Windows Media Player

If you are bored with the skin of Windows media player in your windows mobile, you should definitely try the new custom Sense 2.5 Skin for WMP. It was developed by xda-developer toadlife.


Blinkx Beat App on Samsung Galaxy S

blinkx beat appBlinkx, the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine today announced the availabilty of its app blinkx Beat on the new android powered samsung galaxy S. blinkx Beat for SamsungApps is a never-ending playlist of the most popular videos from the around Web—hilarious bloopers, amazing stunts, ridiculous pranks and cute animals—a riveting channel of snackable video delivered straight to your smartphone. The blinkx Beat app also allows users to search across blinkx’s entire index for mobile-compatible videos of more than 35 million hours while on the go.

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen as one of Samsung’s featured apps for the global launch of its new Android phone. Through SamsungApps, Samsung improves the consumer experience by carefully selecting and promoting a world-class showcase of apps for its handsets, each developed by leaders in their respective verticals, so that users have immediate access to a rich array of functionality,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. “The Galaxy S is remarkable, delivering advanced technology and amazing functionality packaged in a sleek, beautifully designed handset. With these kind of advances, the mobile video experience is improving in leaps and bounds.”

blinkx Beat will be available globally through SamsungApps soon.

Paul the Octopus gets Two iPhone Apps

Soccer fans all over the world will agree that the real celebrity of the recently concluded World Soccer Tournament is Paul the octopus! His predictions were impeccable and amazing. Paul had the privilege of using two iPhone apps to answer yes/no to question from worldwide soccer lovers. This iPhone app also supports iPod Touch and iPad. Though questions were answered by a random preset program, its fun to use this app.

In the initial stages Paul’s predictions were taken as jokes and cheered by soccer fans irrespective of their nationality, gender, race, etc. After the tragic defeat of Germany to Spain, Paul also lost his hero status in Germany and bagged star status in Spain; German fanatics wanted to make a mince meat of the poor octopus.

In reality Paul is one of the greatest entertainers in the world cup 2010 and it will be remembered always! As long as you remember Paul, you can have fun with his iPhone Apps.

You can download Ask the Octopus Oracle for $0.99 and iPaul the Octopus app for $1.99

paul octopus iphone app

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Impresses Everyone

T- Mobile Samsung Vibrant is a new addition to the family of Samsung Galaxy S intelligent phone collection. I have selected this as a gift to my son for his graduation owing to its following salient features:
  • 4-inch super wide screen, larger than iPhone
  • Superb HD video quality
  • Thickness 0.39 inch and weight 4.16 ounces, sleekest and lightest
  • Android 2.1 with Samsung’s own TouchWiz 3.0 user interface renders user-friendly features like left to text and right to make calls
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor for super fast action
  • Swype software enables faster and accurate typing
  • Single interface for various accounts, including Google, Facebook and MySpace
  • Mini Diary- Create your own blog entries, photo shots, weather report, texting, etc.
  • Multimedia apps like The Sims 3, Slacker, the Layar augmented-reality browser, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon MP3.
  • 5-megapixel camera to take picture with a wide variety of shooting modes.
Buy a cute, fashionable and trendy Samsung Vibrant for your loved ones! Check out the hands on video of Samsung vibrant.

Download Free Forest Rose Nokia Theme

This theme is specially designed for girls with Rose color by GNokkia. These theme works on all s60v5 phones. DOWNLOAD the free theme and try it on your mobile.

nokia forest rose theme

Droplets 2.0 now available in Windows Marketplace

droplets windows game screenshot.JPGDroplets 2.0 is now available in windows marketplace with more levels. The most challenging and beautiful game for your Windows Mobile phone DROPLETS 2.3 – now comes with OVER 300 NEW LEVELS AND CHALLANGES to keep you entertained for hours.

Experience sights and sounds of rainforest, where dew droplets form countless puzzles. Each level of the game uniquely tests your logic and strategic thinking. These addictive puzzles with gradually increasing level of complexity will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. Designed for touch-screen phones and features stunningly beautiful graphics, multiple game modes and score tracking.

  • Specifically designed for Touch Screen phones
  • Stunningly beautiful graphics and sounds
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple game modes and score tracking
Get the game for just $1.99 from windows marketplace.

Droid X Software Update !!

Good news for the users of Droid X. The new baby is getting its first update. Verizon is readying to update the new Motorola Droid X very soon.

Hera are the list of improvements in this software update:
  • Improved battery charging status indicator.
  • Smoother transition for camera and camcorder functions.
  • Redesign of weather widget icons.
  • Faster Exchange ActiveSync® email loading.
  • Streamlined organization of newly downloaded applications.
  • Organized favorite contacts by call count.
  • Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
  • Coordinated date and time across phone displays.
  • Cleaner looking status bar for GPS symbol.
  • Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  • Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.
  • Take advantage of the enhanced, preloaded My Verizon application.
  • Preloaded Amazon Kindle® application lets you read Kindle books on your Android™ phone, including thousands of free books.
How to Update Droid X?
  1. You will be notified that a system update is available on your device. Press "Install now" and your device will power off and back on and the installation process will begin.
  2. After you've received the first notification of the system update, you can manually initiate by going to "Home" > "Menu" > "Settings" > "About phone" > "System updates". Press "Install Now". Your device will power off and back on and the installation process will begin.
  3. The update will begun once your device powers off and back on and you see the following screens:

  4. Droid X Update screenshot.JPG
If you are roaming, you will not receive a system update notice. You will need to enable Wi-Fi and wait for the update notice to appear or, as mentioned above, you can manually update.

To know more about updating Droid X visit verizon site for instructions and support.

MeeGo 1.1 on Intel Moorestown Phone Video

Check out the demonstration of the Aava prototype and developer phone running MeeGo 1.1 developer edition. Nokia N900 also supports MeeGo 1.1.


How to Return iPhone 4 and get Full Refund?

iphone 4 returnI am sure you are aware that performance of iPhone 4 is not satisfactory. Consumers in US can return the instrument to Apple and opt out of AT&T contract for carrier service immediately.

Procedure for surrendering iPhone 4 is hassle free. Phone up 1-800-676-2775 or browse online Order Status Page and sign in your Apple account to return iPhone 4. To ensure full refund of money, return your iPhone 4 complete with box, charger and manuals to the warehouse from where it was received, within 30 days from the date of its shipment and not the date when you actually received it. Alternatively you can also surrender the instrument in person if the purchase is from a local Apple stores. Your carrier service contract with AT&T expires automatically on return of iPhone 4. You better contact them and get a confirmation to this effect.

Any User can make Android Apps now in just 60 Secs

Check out the 60 second video showing an app being made with App inventor for Android. Android mobile phone users can now visit and create your own customized android apps.

Download ShareIt App for Blackberry

ShareIt App provides a simple and fast way to share pictures and web links with your friends on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

You took a great picture with your BlackBerry, or read an interesting article on net, and now thought to share them with your friends using Twitter and Facebook.Instead of opening two apps and posting separately, with ShareIt you can post the links simultaneously on both twitter and Facebook.
  • No need to use 2 apps to share pictures and web links to Twitter and Facebook. With ShareIt post to both with one touch.
  • Take a picture with your BlackBerry and share it instantly to Twitter and Facebook.ShareIt is in your menu list for simple one touch access.
  • Found something interesting on the net? Use ShareIt to quickly post the web link to Twitter and Facebook. ShareIt will also shrink down the link to save on characters.
  • Want to send that picture or link only to Twitter and not Facebook (or vice versa) no problem, ShareIt let’s you choose each time with one touch.
  • Easily configurable app.
Download ShareIt App from blackberry appstore.

shareit app

Samsung Galaxy S Successor Leaked !!

Samsung's Galaxy S tasted a huge success in the smartphone market. Now samsung is developing a new device in the series of Galaxy S with model name I9200. The existence of this model is not officially confirmed, but not disproved. It is expected that the smartphone will run Android 3.0 and TouchWiz 3.0..

Features of Samsung I9200:
  • 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display.
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 32 GB of internal memory, a slot for MicroSD memory cards up to 32 GB.
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB ROM.
  • A-GPS.
  • 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording feature in Full HD resolution.
  • 3.5-mm audio jack, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity switches and lighting;
  • Supports Google Mobile services(Android Market, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube).

via keiv

Download Screenshot App,Whip2Snap for Windows Mobile

Whip2Snap is a free application for windows mobile which can be used to take screenshots of the mobile screen. You can take anything you see in your screen just whipping your device.

Some of the features of this app are:
  • Storage Card support.
  • Customizable behaviour (single/multiple screenshots, with/without confirmation)
  • Cool "whip" sound effect
  • Multiple image format supported as output (png, jpeg, gif and bmp)
Download Whip2Snap, a screenshot app for windows device.

screenshot app windows mobile

Quake 3 on Samsung Galaxy S

Playing Quake 3 on super AMOLED screen of samsung galaxy S is much impressive than playing it on other Android phones. With SAMOLED Screen, Samsung galaxy S can be considered as best android phone for gaming.

Free Android Apps for Web Developers

Now web developers can create new pages, fix their website errors on a go with their Android mobile phones. Here are the some of the apps that comes for free but very useful for web developers.
  • View Web Source
  • HTML Test
  • AndFTP
  • HTML editor
  • Magic Color Picker
Just search for these apps on the Android market and download them for free.

html editor android phone

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