Android Market Analysis by AppBrain

AppBrain team has done a market research on the present status of Android products and apps. Their findings are wonderful, interesting and enlightening.
  • Android market has familiar labels like Facebook, MP3, Shazam, etc. These names are loaded in half of the population of their phones .
  • Google Maps is available in 99% of Android handsets while Pandora in the rest.
  • Only 8% of all apps in the Android Market are found in every phone. Data about the remaining 92% is vague.
  • 30% of Android Market is spam from the view point of crap apps and fluffs and the percentage is on the increase.
  • Co. Ltd., a developer, yanked 4000 titles from Android Market and most of the apps were cookie cutter designs and auto generated
Can you guess how will be the future of Android Market when compared to that of their competitors?
android market analysis.JPG

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