Dev Team to Unlock iPhone 4 Soon!

Remember Geohot, the wiz kid, who unlocked the first iPhone as early as the year 2007? He recently teased the iPhone 4 users with a jaibreaking technique that is not working, just for fun.

On the other hand, the laudable Dev Team has gone all out to unlock iPhone 4 and they are pretty close to the solution. MuscleNerd, Dev Team’s muscle man, also reiterated that they would unfold the iPhone 4 mystery soon.

It is also evident that Dev Team is in the process of zeroing in UltraSn0w in Cydia. By installing application and rebooting, your iPhone is ready for use in a different carrier. This paves the way for release of Spirit which takes care of unlocking aspects of all iOS4 products by Comex. For strategic reasons Comex is likely to wait till Apple releases its update on fixing antenna issue.

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