Download Antenna Meter app for BlackBerry

Antenna meter blackberry app.PNG
It is a curious press report from Black Berry that their devices will have a new “Antenna Meter” app. Xtreme labs and Fixmo are the two companies instrumental for this app.

You all know that “death grip” signifies loss of signal when a smartphone is held in hand covering the antenna in a particular fashion. It is a known fact that iPhone 4 faces this problem. Recently Apple clarified that other makes of smartphones also have this problem hinting that Black Berry suffers this problem. Death grip and antenna meter app are one and the same providing the solution to test iPhone and Black Berry smartphones.

As a global leader of antenna designs, RIM is not happy with the state of affairs. The new app is meant to assess the soundness of Black Berry smartphone antenna. Such an app is not likely to be seen in Apple’s App Store in the near future.

You can download Antenna meter now to test your BlackBerry antenna.

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