Download BlackBerry Free Music App SugarSync

Black Berry has been releasing new products year after year-SugarSync is latest addition to the list. SugarSync is a file storage and sync service. The latest news is that audio files over the air will be permitted by SugarSync. You can listen to your favorite music free from your own private collection while on the move from now onwards.
sugar sync blackberry app.JPGSugarSync utilizes desktop for all its services and its sophisticated clients are prompt in simultaneous syncing and sharing of files through email or Facebook. Access for basic documents and picture albums are permitted by their mobile app. On top of this, streaming music over the air is going to be terrific. Be fast to store most of your favorite music in your SugarSync account. You get 2 GB for free plus referral bonus storage. If you are prepared to opt for payment schemes, you have many attractive options.

Download SugarSync Free from BlackBerry World.

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