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Flipboard iPad app.Would you like to change your tablet computer to a social magazine? No big deal, Flipboard , the new iPad app can work wonders for you! Just login through your Twitter or Facebook account, Flipboard will take care of the rest.

Thousands of articles, videos and snapshots are shared in these social networking sites through their users on a day-today basis. Hence you have access to new articles, photographs, etc., everyday thanks to this app. You can integrate Flipboard services with access to Flickr and Linkedin. Another good news is that the app is completely FREE.

Flipboard is a part of Palo Alto, promoted by Mike McCue, co-founder of Tellme. Tellme, the voice recognition firm, was later bought by Microsoft and Even Doll, a technocrat who worked in iPhone earlier. McCue created Flipboard exclusively for Apple’s iPad.

Download Free Flipboard iPad App.

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