Download Free MeCanto Music Provider App

MeCanto is an app that enables you to store your favorite music album in website and retrieve it as and when you require conveniently. You can upload your choicest tunes and songs without worrying about maintenance of your music library.

Download and install the application from MeCanto in your computer after registration with the website. Install Android app by pointing yoour phone browser to Select songs from your computer files and wait for sync. Take care that setting for non marketing application is enabled. The sync process takes several hours hence its better to do during the night time without any interruption. MeCanto has a user friendly interface and supports playlists, folders, etc. The entire music is sorted by artist/ album and the service is compatible with WiFi and 3G.

MeCanto is a time-tested application and it is simple to follow and easy to maintain. Enjoy songs of your heart’s delight with this app!

Check out the below video to know more about the app:

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