Download Free Tethering Android App, Proxoid

Android’s latest app Proxoid is a very useful Application. Though it duplicates the tethering function it is different. Your phone becomes a wireless device with this tethering app; with Proxoid your phone just functions as a modem without the need of root access.

Proxoid costs nothing whereas its tethering app counterpart PdaNet costs $19 which makes a big hole in your pocket if you are a frequent traveler. What is the necessity of using a wireless data card or dongle when you have an option to simply plug in your phone especially if you have unlimited data package? The procedure is as under.
  • Enable USB debugging on your handset
  • Download Android SDK
  • Download and install Proxoid’s own driver
  • Configure your browser for using proxy server
  • Run the downloaded batch file with driver as well as Proxoid app
Though it is cumbersome in the beginning, it becomes a routine in due course. This app is extremely useful for habitual travelers.

To download the app, just search on the android market or download using the below barcode.

Thetering Android App Proxoid Download barcode.JPG

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