Download MOG Music App for Android and iPhone

MOG music app.JPGMOG, the latest music service with 8 million songs, has commenced operation on both iPhone and Android platform. This is yet to be inaugurated in the UK. The salient features of this unlimited music service are listed below.
  • Songs can be directly downloaded from user handsets and not over the air.
  • Non dependence on network availability and bandwidth resources.
  • Music discovery engine enables sorting of songs based on user’s requirements.
  • Switching between different resources for downloads is possible. Consumer can select resource saving 64 kbps download or high quality 320 kbps at a higher tariff .
  • Downloaded music is not free once you stop using the music service. However Microsoft’s Zune mobile music service which will be launched later this year permits 10 tracks download of music per month for consumers.
Download MOG Mobile Music App from iTunes or search for it in Android Market if you have Android phone.

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